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Reaction-emojis for forum posts :)


No worries mate :thumbsup:


:poop: OOPS here it is third page in the first series


For those who like this, props should go to @GPC2012 for asking about the possibility. It’s been talked about in the past, but he inspired me to go fishing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being that it is a plug-in and not part of the Discourse software, it’s likely gonna be prone to random bugs and may break every time discourse updates. But, for the most part, hopefully it’ll work and y’all will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

I use the FB reactions all the time and really like being able to do more than just “like” a post. Maybe Discourse will consider making this a feature in the future.


I Love this idea great going guys @JoJo @daath :heart:


I second this sentiment! Or is it 3rd? 24th? :laughing:


And now it’s not working in Chrome for me either… what a bummer


Bummer man, it hasn’t worked at all for me in Chrome and i haven’t tried in any other browser either since i dropped FireFox and Safari. But i’m ok with that, i can be happy that most of you guys can use the feature.


I think the only downside @JoJo and @daath that I see is that less people will use the like/heart :heart:️ button.


For sure and the new emojis doesn’t show up in the notifications either.


Works for me in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge… Even Opera works :slight_smile:


mee too. and then i cant get out of the dark. very scary


Hmm. Should I just remove the heart? That way you should like the post instead of react…?! :smiley:


im on my phone and it goes black as well


Maybe and the thumbs up. I’ve always looked that the heart as “good post” “I agree” and so on.


Well if no one else is going to ask i reckon i will. So can we get a middle finger emoji? :stuck_out_tongue:

It had to be asked, hehe. I shall slink back to my mixing table now.


Well, now I’m getting the black screen of death in chrome on mac. :thinking:

EDIT: Weird, logged out and back in and it’s back! Finicky goblins in the wires…


It is starting to spread like a wildfire or something.




Love it! Thank you very much @daath @JoJo @GPC2012


@daath I get similar to what Fenrir got above, only I do get a single row of smilies that goes off the right side of the screen.

The problem I’m having is that there’s no way to “back out” of that screen once it’s engaged.
I tried the back button on the phone, the back option in the browser, neither got rid of the black screen and row of smilies. Worse, it persists into other pages. When I hit the back button in the browser, the previous page is still covered by all blacked out background.

This is on Android version of the most current (and last version of Firefox). Tried to update FF, and reboot, but still… Same results.

EDIT: Well, after JoJo Gibbs’d me (smacked the back of my head - for those living under a rock) and explained 2 posts below… This is now sorted for me.