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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Back with several more flavors, no great wall of text like last time, lol. All of these were tested in a target tank with .9 coils.

***A caveat about the mints, I drink Rumplemintz straight from the freezer so mild to me might still feel strong to you.***

Spearmint 1.5% Tested at 1 – 2 weeks.

This is dead on for Double Mint gum. It’s refreshing, not too sweet or too strong. I love it as a single and will definitely be using it in candy type mixes.

Mint 1.5% Tested at 1 – 2 weeks.

It’s a clean sweet refreshing mint, very mild; more on the herbal side than the Spearmint but not as green as the mint in the Peach Mint. It’s good as a single but I’ll probably spike it with some menthol as well as various mixes with teas, cucumber and melons.

Honeydew 3% Tested at 1 – 2 weeks.

This is bright, crisp and sweet, more natural than a candy flavor but not entirely authentic. It’s really nice as a single! I can see this going well with the mint, cucumber or any other kind of fruit.

Melon Medley 2.5% Tested at 1 – 2 weeks.

It’s a light smooth flavor but not weak, if that makes sense. It’s crisp and refreshing not overly sweet with just a whisper of a rindy note which makes it really authentic tasting. The honeydew and cantaloupe are prominent with only a hint of a watermelon flavor as far as I could detect. This is lovely as a single. I will probably mix it with other things eventually but for now I’m just enjoying it by itself.

Watermelon 2% Tested at 2 weeks

This is sweet, crisp and definitely a melon flavor, very nice but not as realistic as a real watermelon. Others have reported tasting a lot of rind, I only tasted a slight hint but I could see how it might show up at higher percentages. I detect a bit of a candyish waxey flavor on exhale and as an after taste which isn’t horrible or off putting to me but worth mentioning.

All of these are probably okay as S&V. I didn’t notice much change from week 1 to week 2. If any of these change after a month I’ll update the notes on the recipe side.


is the website experiencing issues?
once visiting a product it just shows whitescreen.
can see checkout etc.


So roughly a month later, and I have finally tasted the sweet potato pie that I made at 6%. It was better this time around, but still not anything fantastic. At 6% I am finally starting to get some flavor, maybe a marshmallow type sweetness coming through? Still no sweet potato taste, but I guess I am going to turn it up to 9% and give that a try.

Also, I made a Yellow Burst Candy at the same time at a whole 12%, wow! I felt kind of nuts doing it, but surprisingly, it is what the mix needed to start getting consistent flavor. Going to bump it up again to 15% (Yes, I AM crazy). Would not be doing this if it did not taste better at 12% than it did at 1.5%, 3%, 6%, and 9%. I suppose over-using these flavors is better than them just sitting there, starting at me, unused… But I still have yet to have it mute on me, so if it works, it works. Such a unique Lemon flavor the Yellow Burst provides and I want to see how much of it I can get.


Hello all. Through mixing recipes & reading notes, I’ve come to conclusion that I will revisit some of these flavors at percentages higher than the recommended % on the website. These are the notes that can be found in my flavor stash. These are only my opinions on this flavor. If anyone has any other opinions on this flavor please let me know what your experiences are.

Thank you kindly.

P.S - I missed [ Week 3 testing ]


★★Update: Retest - Flavor Fade Previous %?★★

NEW - Single Flavor Test 3.25%
70/30 | 0 Nic | 40W | Single 316L SS Fused Clapton

9/3/2017 (1 Week Steep ✓)

• Knuckle Test: Mostly Rich, Creamy & Soft with a very faint hint of Fried Cake | No off Taste

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Realistic Light Twinkie | Mostly inside of a Twinkie flavor vs outside
• Lightly Sweetened / Faint “Spongy” Cake Flavor / Creaminess
• Mod - Full mouth-feel

► Notes
• Off Notes: None. No noticeable off flavors or chemical notes
• Extremely light fried cake flavor / Falls behind cream taste • Hint of Vanilla?
• Needs support for “Cake Flavor”

9/11/2017 (2 Week Steep ✓)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Same as above

► Notes
• A little smoother but slight tartness
• So far - Not a Top Note | May need to ↑ % further to 4.5%

9/27/2017 (4 Week Steep ✓ FINAL)

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Tester Bottle Aroma: Aroma Intensity ↑ Slightly | More “Sponge Cake Note” but Light mixed with a Cream

• Knuckle: Mod.Sweet | Smoother Overall with light Cream/Butter Filling Notes Dominant | “Caramel-ish” Sponge Cake - Submissive

• Vape: Overall Mild in Flavor Intensity & Sweetness | Whipped Butter Cream’ish Filling Coated with a Softer/Light Fried Sponge Cake
--------- Smooth | Med. Body with Mod. Mouth-Feel

► Notes
★ Shows promise by ↑ to a higher % in a mix | Overall Flavor Holding @ 3.25%★

►Enhancements / Support:
• + Cake Flavor
• + METAPHOR (FA) or Fried Dough (FLV) = ↑ “Fried/Crisp” flavor (only a bit)

► Usage: 2.5% min | 3 - 4% med | 4 - 5% max
Mix: 3.25 - 4%

■ Sub:


Those are fantastic notes!! I’m going to take notes on how to better take notes from reading your notes!! Thank you for posting those.

I just "finished"a recipe using this deep fried spongecake and it is my favorite recipe that I’ve made yet. I’m on my 3rd bottle, had to go ahead and make 120mls so it could steep past 3 weeks, which it hasn’t yet. More testing to do, but if I had to call it, 3 weeks is dreamy. I’ll eventually do a proper SF test, but here it is in a mix if you want to check it out:


Thanks! I’m glad you found my notes useful. That’s super encouraging :blush:. I’m not skilled enough or have a good enough flavor memory bank to compare and contrast quite yet to other flavor concentrates of the same name (I’ll leave that to the veterans), however I find that I’m doing better at taking simpler notes just for the flavor itself, now that I have a set of guidelines to use each time:

  • Smell, Taste, & Feel

  • Tester Bottle Aroma | Knuckle Test | Vape Experience (including Flavor Intensity over time)

  • “Notes” section with information I think might be useful for upcoming mixes.

I found that everyone’s notes for a certain flavor have a lot of similarities, but some differ. Other mixers notes are super important, but I know now that I have to SF test for certain concentrates because I may or may not pick up those subtle differences with some flavors or I might be getting a different overall “taste”.

Also, thank you for linking your recipe! This looks boss!


I love your flavor notes. Thank you. I have saved tons by reading your and @MysticRose notes. I appreciate you guys.


Thank you Robin :hugs:. I will do my best to contribute and be helpful. The veteran members here have guided me and for that I am very thankful.


Thank you, really happy they helped someone <3


You’re notes are so helpful MysticRose. Thank you for your hard work and for all that you do here. :hibiscus:


Just found a 10ml bottle of RFSC Watermelon, SF at 3% in a 0%PG, 100%VG, 3mg base… from June 30th. It’s holding up strong at 5 months! No fade, super tasty. I’d say it’s actually better than when I first tested it. Wish it was 100ml!


After reading 2500+ posts on both part 1 and 2 this seems to be a common theme and the crux of the problem with RF, from my reading, is the 4 week steeping to get the VG base to finally let loose the flavors. I am looking into Wonder FIavors from Bull City as an alternate.


@craigtalley I did extensive RFSC testing and the steeping wasn’t bad, and for me a week or two seemed to provide good results. Having never tried the VG flavors can’t comment on the lengthy steep times.


Great reviews. Glad I found them as I was reordering and did a quick search to see what I should try
Thanks @SessionDrummer


The Black Cherry Jellybean SC and from the old range tahitian vanilla cream I really like from wonder flavors, have to say not thought much of the others I have tried, which is quite a few. I did find the same with Real Flavors…still have bottles from the VG line and half of them never steeped. Of the SC line I was not a fan at all either really, so many were still really lacking in flavour or body which is what I found with wonder flavors…however there are quite a few real flavors ones I do really like, its finding the ones for you. I like all the real flavors fruit taffy flavours, pazcki, grape, ice cream sandwich, cotton candy, meringue amongst others…the list would be twice as long for ones I didnt like, but that could be the same for a lot of vendors.


I started making my own juice few moths ago & only 1 recipe I did well 2 turned out darth vapour wasso like the 1 I was addicted to but not having mush luck with any more I keep adding flavour so far got 9 btls steeping but resorted to buying the oneshot ready mixed flavour kits from darkstar there candycane was amazing & gingerbread man is still steeping , then I got starter pack from brews bros cowardly custard is 4 week steep & killer cereal also & applelaw too, & monster flavour energy drink all are 250ml but they are good compared to my homemade stuff I have got over 50 flavours scales etc but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong , I nded up spending a fortune on good brand juice 12 x 100ml btls & 4 x 120ml all different makes too do till all mines are ready , been watching youtube vids this helps but you seem to be really good are you American ? I from Scotland I loved reading all your stuff your really clued up lol wish I was but where theres a will theres a way been off the cigs 2yrs, I have emphysema 14yrs just out hospital was on oxygen for 10 days I’m still ill but I cant stop vaping I use 3mg nicotine but starting to use omg now


Hi there! Welcome to ELR! I’m not sure if you were commenting to one person or the whole group here, but I’ll jump in! I am an American (Southern North America :wink: )

A couple of things I’d like to mention:
The thread you posted in is for discussing a particular flavor company and type of flavoring they make, with notes on how they work and taste, ie. Flavor Notes. If you can’t create a topic in the forum yet, you can search for a thread with a similar theme to this and post there to get better and quicker replies that can help you out.
Also, if you want any advice on how to improve your recipes, people are going to ask to see the recipes you’re having trouble with, and want to see your “flavor stash” to know what you’re using in the recipes and what other options you have. So, make sure to enter all of your flavors properly on the recipe side of ELR(home). And, make sure to click the part that says it’s ok for others to view your stash.
Other than that, spend a lot of time reading the beginner threads and guides. Searching the forum and recipe site for info on the flavors you’re working with, and if you can’t find the answers around the site, find a similar subject thread and ask! Lots of helpful and experienced mixers here.
Good luck and have fun!


it might be a bit too late to ask…but any chance of all you guys sharing what kit/ wattage you were using? That could be what’s making the difference, couldn’t it?

I got the cheesecake with my latest RF order. But right now it’s on my TSTM (too scared to mix ) shelf :grin:
Well. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration . Fact is, I’ve got to many flavours to try out all at once, wouldn’t you know it? and i’m gravitating more towards the ones that I seriously expect to like! These reviews are pushing it further back in the queue!


PS, on a related note, i just posted this in another thread:

the last part being a reference to my finding that the RFSC Cola Type tastes disgusting at anything beginning to tiptoe in the direction of a hot vape. That one really needs to be kept cool!


I have the circus animal cookies and am currently testing, will provide notes if anyone is interested.

RF SC hype has died down since the flavor fade issues have arose as well as the general hollow flavor. Only reason I got this flavor is because bull city had it in stock.

If anyone had notes on this flavor, fire away but from a weeks steep I can already tell it’s accurate but weak. Sadly…