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Recipes "copyright"


Hi all
When I mix any of the recipes provided by other mixers,I tend to keep them private as they are not my own work and it shows respect to the mixer.Unfortunately there are people out there only too willing to pass recipes off as there own to make a quick buck.


Curious if you asked Disney for permission for the use of Goofy naming your “creation”?
Complaining about the unauthorized use of your intellectual property while using someone’s
intellectual property without authorization kinda falls flat with me.


You are supposing that I’m referring to the well known Disney’s character.
Maybe I use the word “Goofy” as an adjective and literally the meaning of “Goofy’s juice” is “the e-liquid of a silly, funny guy”.
Anyway , I think there is a difference between using the Disney’s character name for commercial profit like those sites do and my case. I’m not sure tho.


SV my apologies for making assumptions. The reason I assumed is because of the cartoon character in the Youtube video reviewing your juice. The video is not in English so perhaps you did not have anything to do with it although you did include it, with the depiction of the Disney character on your recipe page. If your recipe was named after the Disney character it IS the exact same thing that you are complaining about.

Seems odd to me that you want a copyright to a recipe with 5 basic flavor concentrates in it.
Thank goodness the first person that put salt, pepper, butter, chives and sour cream on a baked potato did not copy right the recipe. Every steak house owner in the world would be considered a bad person.


FA420 I honestly am not trying to troll SV or this forum in anyway.
I am genuinely interested in the conversation and am just trying to understand
where SV is coming from. AS far as me being a an A hole your probably right.
I’ve been called worse.


Goofy is an actual copyright, in image and name but Disney did not impose their IP rights due to the nature of the recipe and lack of images. But as a creator of the recipe I would try to gain some control as to stating it has nothing to do with Disney with reviews as it can lead to some problems. Also there the problem of too many Copyright and Trade Marks on words in North America.


well, it is kind of ironic though, lmao but then again, its not for profit, but it DOES pose a valuable point, especially when it comes to marketing like this.

HM7 is justified in his comment, once it started being sold with the iconic copyright infringement.


My issue is not with the validity of the point raised, but the attitude it was approached with, so I click on the name because I haven’t seen it before and see it is their very first post in the forum; makes rudeness or cheekiness whatever the stupid pc term is seem even worse. People on here are very nice and helpful, and to glean information from a forum like this and have your first contribution be something like that irks me, maybe I’m wrong though who knows, I would be surprised if it wasn’t meant that way though.


Dunno, could be wrong here but it’s sorta like Sarah Lee going onto Taste.com and checking out all the Strawberry Cheesecake recipes. They find one that shows promise and decide to start producing their “New & Improved Strawberry Cheesecake Deluxe” version. I’m pretty sure Mary Jo from Pleasantville (the original recipe poster) won’t be able to do much about it.

Yeah, this won’t help SV feel any better that his creation got hijacked for profit but life isn’t always fair is it? SV should just feel proud knowing he’s so creative. So creative in fact that lazy people with no conscience decided to “borrow” all his hard work from him. The world is full of people like that. Always has been and always will be. Think positive @Stafylidis_Vladimiro and feel good knowing you have a talent for mixing. Just as well too otherwise the rest of us would be in real trouble :grin: Μείνε δυνατός ο φίλος μου.


that’s the downside of spending so much time into putting something creative that everyone can see, just to turn around and see it posted under a different title, down to the exact % and someone else saying its theirs.

eh, don’t want it copied?

-Go apply for a copyright
-Keep it marked private
-Don’t share it on the internet


Fish It is nice to see that you agree with the point I was trying to make.
VS is wrong to complain while doing the same thing he is complaining about.
Just like your wrong to preach to me about my attitude when the first interaction
you ever had with me was to call me a curse word. That’s pretty rich dude.

VS is a talented mixer that is obviously well liked. If he is not concerned with profiting from
his recipe why be concerned with a copyright? Instead of concentrating on how unfair this mean old world is how about enjoying your internet popularity and knowing that you have helped thousands of people to make e liquids that have helped them to quit smoking?


Let’s keep this civil and get out of the circling toilet this conversation is going.

@JoJo @woftam -calling the refs to get them on station


Jester you are absolutely right. Should not have dug back at Fish.
I’ve hung out on different forums on the net for quite a while and I know there are a lot of trolls
just causing trouble for fun. Honestly not my intention. I will withdraw from the conversation.
No hard feelings Fish. I love this site and have learned quite a bit in the last couple months.


HM7, ya aint gotta leave, just wanna make sure its peace amongst everyone :slight_smile:


I feel inclined to reply with: