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Recipes using only real flavors


I’ll second that. .5% is as high as I’ve gone but at that strength a little bitterness comes through after steeping. .2-.4% is my “sweet spot” :wink: with pyure.


Thank you so much for the recipes and the awesome tools, extremely helpful, and I have some of those on my list once I get more SC’s.

And a big thanks to @CosmicTruth for the beautiful calculator. That will make my conversion to SC much much easier!


Your more than welcome
Feel free to share this link


Third version of this and I’m loving it. I’m new to diy and I’m only buying pg-free concentrates so I can mix all of my recipes either 30/70 for me or PG-free for my wife. RF is a hit, so far. I think it’s cool that I don’t have any historical bias to the most common pg-based flavors that most veteran mixers are accustomed to. So, I can only experiment with what I have and try to make it awesome, and not try to recreate or adapt a previous recipe that used pg. Clean slate!
Edit: Now that I think about it, I can’t wait to try adapting/converting some great PG-based flavor recipes! I just won’t know what they tasted like before unless its a store-bought recipe I’ve tried :slight_smile:


Update: This is the original recipe that I boosted, it is really nice after 16 days in hiding. I’m surprised by the power of these concentrates at only 1.75% total flavor! Thought the 9%DW/1%Vodka would mute it more than it did. Great job, Walt! (no more tagging Walt?) His notifications must have been blowing up!


If anybody is still following this thread, here’s an All-RF Strawberry Cream I’ve been working on. It’s pretty tasty. Should really pop after a full 7 days, if it lasts that long. I’ll have to make one if these I can just let steep. Hope ya like it!


I haven’t found the right %'s for these yet, so I left them out here. But, this is a really tasty, easy combination. I’m still toying with it, and might add a cream and maybe a couple drops of lemon juice, or .3% Peach RFSC to boost the Strawberry. These three work nicely together for now, though.

Strawberry Banana Milk:

Banana (SC) (Real Flavors)
Condensed Milk (SC) (Real Flavors)
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)


Does he have any deals going right now?


He had a bunch of new flavors for $2 each over the weekend. It might still be going, but I couldn’t load the website to check just now. Might be down, might be my 4g network signal.


I’m on a PC, it’s the pages with the $2.00 prices that will not load.