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Recommended Flavors and Research List


So is this the consensus of what is the best of each manufacturer or the best period?


More the best flavors of each manufacturer. These are flavors that those of us who put the list together keep going back to, use on a regular basis, or would be very sad if we couldn’t find any more. :wink:


I’d love to see a list of flavors with the recommended brands for each. I started doing a list like that some time ago but gave up, since it got too labor-some and complicated. You’d really also need subcategories, such as:

Raspberry (natural): INW Raspberry
Raspberry (candy): FLV Raspberry, TPA Raspberry Sweet

Then I figured it’d be even better if I listed base recipes for single flavors, such as:

Blueberry: TPA Blueberry Wild 7%, FA Bilberry 1%
Orange: FA Orange 3%, FA Mandarin 1%

Then I gave up. :frowning:


Also, there’s a tremendous lack of my most favorite and the most elusive flavor, chocolate. Everyone keeps raving about Medicine Flower White and Dark Chocolate, but I’ve yet to get my hands on them. When I need a chocolate I tend to use some combination of FA Chocolate, INW Milk Chocolate, INW Chocolate Cream and TPA Dark Chocolate (Clear), but have to say after dozens of tries I’ve yet to get anywhere near where I want.

Either way, it’s still a great list, much appreciated!


Some have talked good stuff about the new Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah) :slight_smile:


Yes… Highly recommended by several of us.


Are you by chance trying to go COO COO for COCOA PUFFS?? I’d love that recipe!!


I also LOVE this idea!!


Bumping this to the top for new folks to the forum. :grinning:




Just a bump…awesome thread.


Download this, great thread ty


Just to say I agree and enforce everything ‘big mac’ says. A HUGE thankyou for this.