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Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products (FDA) (Comment period now open until 7/19/2018)


I posted yesterday. Done and done.


I posted my comment. Please don’t take my watermelon!



A link to the page that overviews how many comments have been left. I understand the count is delayed, but idk why it isn’t way higher.
It only takes 5 minutes to fill out a short summary of your ecig use and flavors you like.


This really needs a bump up because of how serious it is. Only around 30 people have taken the time to click the links provided, please take the time and do your duty and don’t expect other people to carry the can for you.


This just in. If you think this flavour issue isn’t serious then maybe you should have a read of this.


Yep, that one is from 3 yrs ago and you know they’re still pulling the same stunts.


I shouldn’t be surprised by anything coming from Glantz and his department.


When I submitted my comment, there was a field on the side that said the number of comments received was the area of 1300 but only 35 were posted. Sunday morning when I checked it, the number of comments was over 3100 but only about 800 were posted, mine still wasn’t. Today when I checked, the field at the side listing the number of comments submitted is gone and only 821 comments are posted. Scrolling and skimming through, I’ve yet to see anything in support of this. All of the comments are how flavors played a crucial roll in helping them quit smoking.


There’s a new survey just been released yesterday that could be very important in addressing what you mentioned. It’s designed by Dr Farsalinos and uses FDA software so it will be admissible as part of the comment period. When completed it will be analysed by his team and submitted as a paper for peer review, it will then be published in various scientific journals. They will need at least 30000 people to take part and it will be for US residents only, the survey is detailed and should take around 20 minutes to complete. I have more details and a slide show from Dr F if anyone wants to know more. US vapers need to get people on board with this and pass it on to any vendors you deal with.


Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos Announcement for the flavors survey
Dear US vapers,
Sorry for the delay in launching the flavors survey. As you may know, we are using an FDA compliant software for surveys, which is of vital importance for the FDA to accept the results of the study. The questionnaire has already been uploaded, but the software company needs to validate the survey. Additionally, we want to make a final check on the question logic so that we avoid any mistakes that would create problems in the analysis. We think that the survey will be online and ready for recruitment today. We will keep you updated. Of crucial importance, we need absolute honesty in your responses so that we have realistic and representative results.
Best regards to all vapers in the US.


How do we know this is legit? How could someone write this, distribute it to people and not expect it to leak? The line “As dear Stanton suggested…” is fishy. Why would one Dr. refer to another as “dear” in a professional memorandum? I don’t doubt that this behavior is legit, but I’m not buying that memo without some provenance.


Is this today? Is it up yet? When it’s up, can you post a new topic about it with the link? I’ll pass it on to every vaper I know who isn’t already here.


I’ll post it the minute it becomes available. This is the link to the slide show that should explain what the survey is about (hopefully it works).


I think we can know it’s legit just by looking at the ‘research’ and ‘studies’ that have come from the man himself. How flavour bans have come into effect in areas of California based on the outright lies he and his department spreads. The accusations of professional plagiarism and harassment, the cherry picking of data to support his agenda and the mountains of money being funnelled to him and his departments from pharma and the master settlement agreement would also suggest that it’s pretty damn accurate.


I don’t doubt any of that about Glantz. It’s the actual memo I question. It strikes me as being faked. I’m just curious as to how one could know that it is a legitimate memo by Dr. Karen Smith.


Maybe because they’ve actually done what’s said in the memo.


Take the survey, here is the link



I already started a new thread for it when it went live.


Is that the thread with the title something about :High End Mod Giveaway"…?

I completely missed it because I don;t give a darn about “Giveaway” Threads, so never click on them.

I suggest a title like:
" IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey"

with the correct link:
" IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey"



Thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot to change the title back. I was trying to catch some of the Team Free Shit crowd because there was so few views on it.
The link is the correct one as it came directly from Dimitris Agrafiotis who in turn got it from Dr Farsalinos.