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[REQ] Charlie's Chalk Dust - Mr. Meringue


Already checking out alternative brands to try out, thanks for the heads up, I completely forgot about Chefs Flavors.


I’m not sure if it’s considered a concentrate or a one shot. Who really cares when it give such a good end result!
I’ve used it as both with exceptional results.


I find now that Lunch Lady by Darren Cole is much better then Mr. Meringue… The only suggestion I have found for Lunch Lady by Darren Cole is to ad just a tad more Biscuit INW up from 0.5% to 1% & Bavarian Cream TFA up from 1% to 2% to round off the pie note. It is a steeper for sure.


I’m not a fan of dinner ladies or Darrens version, too sharp for my liking, and I prefer the cream notes in Mr meringue. It’s the coconut, the combination with lemon just appeals to my palette. Seriously though, if anyone stumbles across this looking for a clone, try the chefs vapours flavour I mention above.