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Scotch, Bourbon, vs Whiskey


For an inexpensive good ‘neat’ drink I don’t think you can beat Evan Williams White Label.

I am spoiled to the finest homemade spirits from this area…and at un-beatable prices…FREE


I have a 40’ shipping container that’s buried, and connected to my SHTF shelter.
The container is used mainly for a wine/spirits cellar, since 2005. Food storage is
in the main shelter, as are other SHTF ‘tools’ aside from the ones I keep handy
in the house. I also have a regular wine cellar downstairs in my home.

There are so many neighbors that drop by with new ‘stuff’…the rest just keeps
getting added to, and sits there aging.



Yeah. You already knew I’d give my eye teeth to have a gander in your “tools” shed though… :laughing: :wink:


Being a Native Texan [even though not BOI ] might get you special privileges …
I am sure, if SHTF, those little sparkling jars will be good for barter, eh?


@Skullblade789 I’m a bit late to the game.
Scotch: McCallen is well regarded. I have not tried it, but want to !!
Bourbon: This is my area. I like bourbon’s with wheat instead of rye. My absolute favorite to date is Elijah Craig Small Batch. Best bang for your buck is Larceny. Best bargain priced bourbon I have found is Evan Williams Small Batch “1783”.
Rye: I have No idea
Irish: Whatever they were feeding me in Dublin was good. We should go back and ask them. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.


Im partial to a Glenfiddich 18 year old single malt scotch for the one or two drinks but the everyday drink is anything that cost me 60 bucks for half a gallon lol.

A treat for me is Newfoundland Screech, that would put hair on your chest lol.


def my fave bourbon for <$20 a bottle, and honestly one of my fave 100 proofer’s regardless of price. I am trying to pinch pennies right now so I have been drinking Heaven Hill which I believe is the same recipe as the EW black label, just not aged as long. It is hard to beat for under $9 a bottle after tax. It isn’t all that great neat since it is so young but with a few ice cubes, or mixed with some club soda and ice, I can’t complain for the price.


you should look into irish whiskey’s as well lots of good ones because like scotland they have strict laws in place on how to make and how long to age it. In general I find european liquors higher quality. A good irish whiskey for the price is bushmill’s


Ya, but ‘pinch’ elsewhere, spend the few extra on the EW White Label…
Life is too short for certain compromises, eh?
Buy the BIG bottle…[EW White] …no regrets, no worries.


I agree [on quality across the board]…
My favorite ‘neat’ is, has been, will always be,…
a single-malt Scotch.
Speyside [Lismore] is always in my cellar, my cupboard,
on my counter-top.
Bought by the case(s), or not bought at all, eh?