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Semi-sweet chocolate (Nestle’s Chocolate chips)


An N.E.T. Is either a tincture or an extract. Anything that is extracted into an alcohol base is a tincture. If you are using water, vinegar, glycerine, or any solvent other than alcohol, your preparation is an extract.


ok sooo… I must not have understood.

You want a tincture? what would you do with it?


you are doing this so you can have a bad ass chocolate vape?


@juice_junkie_lover Evidently Saxonn already knows that I’d be more than happy to drive out to meet him and swap some flavors…
Personally, I had no idea he was psychic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


IOk … now I don’t understand.
What R113 is doing is making a tincture. Because he is extracting chocolate flavor into alcohol. When he did the same thing but used PG instead of vodka, he was making an extract. The same principal or naming convention applies to NET creations. If the tobacco is extracted into alcohol, it is a tincture. If the tobacco is extracted into PG, VG, or anything OTHER than alcohol, it is an extract. Unless you’re extracting the flavor into an oil, then it’s called “oil” oddly enough. e.g. Peppermint or Cinamon oil.
For any newbies that may be reading this, a warning:
NEVER VAPE OILS. Not even essential oils.


You can vape tinctures, you just have to add a small amount of your tincture to a pg or vg or whatever base. That’s how a lot of flavors are made. First they extract a tincture, then they add x amount of the tincture(s) to a pg (usually) base. Then they sell them to people like me that CANT STOP BUYING FLAVORS. :rofl:


Great information here!


Experimentation for a chocolate flavor. Almost every chocolate e liquid I’ve made so far doesn’t taste like chocolate.


Natures flavors flavor extracts are in a base of alcohol. the finely ground roasted nibs in PG smells like delish chocolate and looks like melted chocolate. The alcohol one is dark and smells like chocolate but not as much as the other. I failed to mention that I did simmer the pg and nibs one for about 20 min. Looked like bubbling crude


ok, thank you for the explanation. I guess I should research this a bit


Maybe this would help us?


Cool. Thanks for the link.


As @juice_junkie_lover mentioned before, some of the newest purilium chocolate flavors like lava cake and Neapolitan have the best tasting chocolate. I didn’t have to use my imagination on these. If using these flaves with a VG only base, I’d sure use around 8% with a little heat on the mix then stir. Needs at least 30 day steep if not more.