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Sharing some items I made to aid Me with DIY and Vaping


Gorgeous mods and fancy set up. I love the drawer designed charging station. Now if you would put in a port for my iPhone that would be a done deal. You should market this idea I am sure I’m not the only one who’d buy it.

The shelves are nice as well are they stadium style ? I wish I could build that. Maybe you can give me some pointers and your blueprint for the shelves hee hee not the mods I’d most certainly blow something up.
Thanks 4 sharing.


I guess you missed my first post here where I show how to make the display shelves here is the link. I hope.


I knew I’d seen someone posting their instructions on it . Thank you.


If you would consider building a mod with a DNA 200 chip in it and make it a small size mod, I would be interested in buying it. I love wood.


Fantabulous! Wish I. Had your talent, or you as my neighbor :slightly_smiling:


After working in a woodworking factory for a few years when I was in my 20’s I moved on to an Aerospace company making parts for GE and Pratt Whitney. I have been in a machining environment ever since, which has been just over 20 years now. When my Father passed all of his woodworking equipment went to my oldest brother who lost it in a divorce. I have since made lots of cool stuff with a circular saw and a jigsaw. It just takes a lot more work to get the final result to be presentable :wink:


Hey harry. Loved those foldable flavour cases. You have given me an idear (former joiner, carpenter,coach builder).
I saw them when you posted on fb. Just answered that today. (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash:) thats me. :yum:
And have to say those mods look the business. Well done. :ok_hand:


wONDERful!! reALLY nice setup, Sonar505.


Really impressive! I like what you have accomplished! Really nice mods also. I have been slacking lately. I am running low on materials to make the juice I want, because I have been buying from You Got E-Juice, and for the prices…as long as they last, I am happy for now. I do find pleasure in making my own, but am addicted to Strawberry flavors and custards…LOL.


You make my rolling cart with vape stuff look so amateur lol… Nice setup!:+1::ok_hand:


WOW !! You have some real talent. Awesome!


Wow this is all amazing!


You sir, are a genius, everything looks incredibly simple yet perfectly suited, your flavour “racks” make me think spice racks would work really well, you could wall mount them over your mixing bench.

At the moment I have a cardboard box with a partition, flavours on one side and 10ml / 30ml bottles and syringes on the other.

“Pick up, no, pick up no” - I’m feeling that one lol

This is definitely food for thought and I have a few projects in mind for organising my vape gear, tanks, mods and accessories etc so this helps me tons.

Thanks for sharing, happy vaping!


Ping @Sonar505

Never saw an answer to the above…Is there a chance you’ve already sussed out the dimensions for a nice box that fits the DNA200 pcb and lcd??

I hate the weight of (other than the fact that it instills security against damage) the VT133. Besides which, wood not only looks so much better…but feels better to the touch!!

mental glimpses of ideas running rampant ATM


No unfortunately I have not had time to look into the dimensions needed for a DNA 200 mod. I have been pretty busy building some other mods and just got them finished. Hopefully soon I will be able to look into that.
Here are some images of what i just finished.


Very cool!! LMK when you do!

Loving the look of the one in the lower left of the 2nd pic. Sort of like one of my first thoughts: a flame maple center, with either walnut or possibly rosewood end or side caps!


Thanks That one is red curly maple on the middle panels and not sure what type of wood on left and right panels its one of the new to me series box mods I built and with a new to me type of switch making it a mechanical box mod Here are some closeups.


You are extremely talented! The mods and shelves are super creative. I showed my husband and his jaw dropped like mine did!


@Gambit117 check out these wood mods.