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Should I go big?


O man 9 months your scaring me. I haven’t even started to diy. Is it that hard to make juice that is vapalbe starting out?


I started back in April . With the DIY kit from liquid barn. I have yet to make anything bad…

If anything I found out . When comparing what my local vape shop has and what I make…

DIY - awesome flavor, really enjoy everything I make. My daily vape consists of 19 different flavors.

Local vape shop. — used to go in on payday and decided what I was going to tolerate that week. Flavor wasn’t awful but also wasn’t oh my good I’ve died and gone to heaven.

My best advise is buy flavors you like first.

Try them solo

Then find recipes with those flavors you like


I just ordered my first set of DIY liquid should be here on wed. super excited, i went with liquid barn for my stuff. i got 1000ml of vg 500ml of pg 250ml of 48mg strength nicotine. and 10 15ml bottles of flavor, as well as 10 unicorn bottles, and 5 1 0z glass amber bottles to split up the nicotine one bottle at a time. ive done lots of calculations with excell i post my spreadsheet on what it cost including with my coils it covers DIY vs bying at RA vaper in spokane WA and vapor lounge


i jsut started doing DIY juice and ive made 4 flavors so far non are un-vapeable, the only one that i have any issue with is the blue rasberyy menthol i made using 6% blue rasberry flavor and 2% menthol what i found is that the menthol is really potent and completely overpowers the BR and is a really strong menthol hit.


Got my shipment from nicriv yesterday and I think I did go big. 1L of pg and vg, 250ml of 100mg nic and 2oz bottles of 20 flavors and a 4 of 1oz . Made some mustard milk and liked it. I tried creating a recipe. 1% coconut extract, 1% Koolada, 7% pina colada, 0.5% super sweet. Is vapalbe so not disappointed but needs work for sure. Good luck and have funwith your mixing. I know I’m excited to learn more.


At 2 % I can imagine …

I use liquid barn menthol recommended is 1%

Just rinsing my empty 1 mil syringe out after using menthol makes 200 mil of hot water smell like a Newport.

Try maybe 0.25% menthol then if you desire more menthol raise it

Made this for a friend , and she likes