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@Skullblade789 Skulls PB&H Sandwich - Honey TFA?

Started adding the rest of your recipes today, been so busy lately, do you want me to leave the ones with cinnamon or are they working for you?

Which EM are you using?
I’ve been putting: 1.0% Ethyl Maltol (Sweetener Additive) where EM is called for


Awesome work and post. Saved for a more complete looking over later.


Grubby on ELR:



It would be TFA for EM.
Honey FW all the way. TFA is straight pissed to me.


Sorry, forgot to add that those cinnamon ones to leave off. Absolute garbage and do not want anyone making those.

Also a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I’ve always wanted to mix pipe tobacco type recipes for mouth to lung e-pipe action and it looks like you have done quite a bit of work with them. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be trying some of them out.


looks like I need to buy some cherry and tobacco flavorings. Damn, thought I was done buying for a while…


@Skullblade789 - This one has Honey TFA

Skulls PB&H Sandwich:
Banana Nut Bread FW: 2%
Banana FW: 2%
Honey: TFA 1% <<< Change to FW?
Peanut butter: TFA 1%
Vanilla Ice Cream FW: 1%
Vanilla Custard FW: 1%
Bavarian Cream FW: 1%
Whipped Cream FW: 1%
EM: 1%


Yes please.


I am up to Beverages… Will add them all eventually :laughing:


Yeah it was a bunch, bit at least you did not have to add the Cinnamon ones.


If there were 100 cinnamon ones they would get added eventually, not an issue :thumbsup:

EDIT: Cinnamon is nasty shit… :laughing:


Some are nasty, but not all.


Gotta say… no idea how on earth I missed this!

But thanks HEAPS @TheTinMan1 for bringing it to my attention brother!! :thumbsup: