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Smoant Campbel Kit - A Newbie Review


A reviewer over at Reddit actually said he tried it at ECC 2018 Ontario with Whiskey, and he said it was good.


might be the only way I could enjoy alcohol.


@Sprkslfly Thank you for the comment. It is interseting isn’t it?
@Steampugs thank you for the comment. I now hold you in high(er) regard, because of your consistency in reviews. Don’t know how you keep on doing it, man.


Coffee…lots and lots of coffee :joy:

Thanks brother


good coffee I hope…


i mix a third espresso beans with 2 thirds Columbian…i never do get away from this mixing malarky :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thats funny. I mix espresso with italian roast. Espresso is already a mix of 5 or so different roasts.

When I lived in Dallas there was an italian coffee shop near where I worked and their dark roast was sublime. All of their coffee was good though. Now I use starbucks because it’s not bad for the price.


Great review, you have some good ideas about moving the cap onto the tank to bypass that liquid part!
Thanks for your review!


Thank you for the kind words :+1: