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Smoant Charon Mini and Sprks' thoughts


How can you look at a face like that and call it a loser? :cry::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pleading_face:


Good review and excellently worded! Thank you.
And that gold finish bling look…nope. I would not dare leave the house with that!


Would or wouldn’t? :laughing:


Oops…damn. Would NOT!


@Sprkslfly, I love, love, love it when you break it down to the component level, and I appreciate the added time costs in doing so. I’m still rocking my (original) Charon with great success, and don’t have this mini version of it. Great write up, and thanks for taking the EXTRA time, to really get inside this one.


I hear you @Phil_Fish. I’m glad @Sprkslfly took considerable time to deep dive into this mod.


Roger that Rob …

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Great review, BTW I have no problem reading that clock face :alien:


if this is the case why worry…i just bought a red one from MFS for 35.00$ … cant wait to start using it… ty for the review @Sprkslfly you always manage to go right over my head with your technical write up ( not a bad thing ) one day i may learn more about some of these things …


Love the tech-talk of your reviews Sparky. Very thorough work. I learn something new with every one Thanks for the edumacation!


Thank you for the review @Sprkslfly. My husband is using the mini for the last 2 weeks, after his 8 old month drag auto fired, nearly ending in a disaster.

But after I’m reading your review, I might look around and find him a other device, before this one stops working lol. Much appreciated.


I’m sorry to hear that. Contrary to appearances, I do try to keep it as “laymen friendly” as I can. I could go further into the technical details and reasons than what I do, but I always fear that if I did, it may further distract from the overview of how it all applies to our particular application in relation to vaping needs/desires (or how it influences the perceived experience of using whatever given device).
TLDR: folks would get bored by “techo-babble”. :wink:

If ever there’s questions though, I’d be happy to try and help via PM.

Likewise, if anyone has suggestions on a way to make things easier to understand, I’m always willing to listen!

My ultimate goal is to try and communicate “the bottom line” (as I perceive/understand it). If I’m not doing that effectively, I might need to readjust my approach.


my ignorance isnt your fault , so know need to be sorry lol …its me not your approach . I wish i would have paid more attention to tech but a tape measure , paper , and pencil have always been my tools so what was the need … my lack of knowledge to tech stuff is one reason i dont use the DNA also


Dude!!! I don’t know why I never come to the review page… Nicely done sir. I took mine appart also, but I didn’t put it in my review. Mostly because I am not tech smart. Love your review man.

By the way, I have a bunch of stuff to send you if your still interested in junk mods. I just don’t have the cash to send em. I reckon what I will start doing is sending one or two items at a time.

Peace bro


Thank you :slight_smile:

Of course. No rush bud, whenever it’s convenient.
I know how it is on things being tight all too well.