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Smoant Cylon TC218 mod review by Mjag....G Class lite?


That sucks man, sorry to see that. I will reach out to the person I knew who worked for Smoant, he doesn’t anymore but maybe he can direct me to someone you can contact there.


Well, Smoant accepted it, …but they said I had to pay $20 shipping fee :tired_face:

I spent $60 on the dang device, wtf Smoant?


BS, they should cover that, guessing they don’t have a service place in your country? It has to be returned to China?


My friend got back to me, he said try to contact Lena at the Smoant family facebook group, he said she would be the one to get things done. if you need more help than please let me know, you can PM me as well.


It looks like it went for a swim?
You need an Aegis waterproof MOD with a mini MOD Life preserver when your near water!


Thats a stock background of a rainy day thing.


LOL, do they have a dry desert one to put on before shipping it to customer support?