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Congratulations @CosmicTruth :tada:
Thank You for the Chance @SthrnMixer :raised_hand:


WOW thanks!


Congrats @CosmicTruth and @SthrnMixer for the Review and giveaway!!!


Congrats @CosmicTruth enjoy!
And big thanks to @SthrnMixer for a great giveaway and the chance to win!


Thanks for the contest. Wool woop. :man_cartwheeling:t6:


Aww man, I already gave this away @Chrispdx But @HealthCabin has a giveaway of their own and a sale…


Lol. No worries.


Congrats to @CosmicTruth I hope he speels his 411 correct


I am not the one with the speeling problem.
but tanks :smile:
Thanks @SthrnMixer for the great giveaway, I’m loving it :+1:


I like the lights on this MOD, having the LED’s on or off does not seem to affect battery life much. The lights don’t work as a flashlight, but they are fun to look at.
I don’t care for the TFV12 tank, or I should say I like the smaller Big Baby Beast V8 coils better than these large V12 coils, i’m just a lower power guy.
I too wish they would include an RBA, or maybe invent a V8 adapter.
Keeping 3 batteries married is another con I have here, I think 2 batteries is easier to deal with even though the 3 batteries last a very long time. I’m just used to buying batteries in pairs.
The instruction manual indicates you can lock the screen by pressing + & -, but that does nothing. I find the + & - buttons often get accidently pushed, I contacted support and they just told me how to lock the entire device, so IMO they know they muffed the OS firmware but don’t want to fix it.

Thanks again for letting me have this great desk MOD, It’s not one to throw in your pocket but definitely the most powerful and colorful MOD I own.