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Sony vtc6 real or fake


Agreed, always buy from trusted sellers; I would add Liion to the list too.


Orbtronic as well. When I’m searching for batteries, I usually go from illumn, to Liion to IMRbattereies and Orbtronic. Usually, one of those four will have the batteries I’m looking for on sale.


they where indeed fake, as two of them died on me after only a month watch out for those with the green sony box.
It seems theres no reliable vendor in my country…
second time it happens and i never left them discharge completely… usa and europe vendors wont ship to argentina,
now im waiting from a friend from germany to bring me some but even so there’s regulations so i cant bring too many
thank you all for the help


For what its worth, if a person were so inclined, they could go to a hardware store a purchase a replacement battery for any lithium ion drill, and with some effort diassemble it. The effort is by no means trivial, and not without some danger, but generally you will find high discharge batteries like the VTC5, VTC5A, 25R5, or HG2 in them. They generally keep the OEM wrap intact, but given that they are inside the battery, it is a bit of a gamble as to what you would get for you effort. Make sure you are careful about how you disassemble the pack, and use extreme caution pushing the discharge rating unless you are very sure what you have. I’ll say I know this is true for the Makita brand in the USA because I dropped a battery from a scaffold and inside it were the old Samsung 25R2’s, but I did not salvage them for vaping use.


The weights are including the wrap?


yes if you look at the site that is their shipping weights