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Spaced coil vs contact coil


I’d say it would be a rest and relaxation at that point. I found my one and only in the form of an aromazier at .77 ohms. I’d probably be outstanded to try a new tank with “whatevers new” coil out these days. I’ve tried tanks and different coils, rebuildable and stock alike. It’s a personal preference, and more so, one of if you are a collector…or even…hoarder.
Some folks have like 30 devices and say its not enough. Others have 2 devices, an ADV and a back up in case shit hits the fan.


In my case, I like variety. I use spaced coils and contact coils. Stainless coils are contact because SS is so flimsy. Spaced coils I use N80. I also use have a rotation of about 6 different rdas I use based on nothing other than just wanting to change things up. I also am one of those people that use 3-4 different juices a day though. No such thing as an ADV for me.


Another interesting thing is that the vapor from a contact coil shoots out the ends while a spaced coil is dispersed vertically. I don’t think it’s so much the hot spots in a contact coil as that the liquid is trapped inside the coil and only “cooks” on the ends. It’s like burning something in a barrel as opposed to a bonfire. Whatever works best for ya right?


I’m sorta that way. I have two RTAs I rotate and one RDA for backup. If one dies I’ll go on a temporary buying binge trying new hardware till I find a replacement. With all the good reviewers out there it’s a pretty short binge. I spend most of my experimentation now on wire.


So how do you space folks determine the proper spacing? The width of the wire gauge you’re using? Arbitrary? ‘Whatever works’?


Width of airflow / no of wraps - width of wire :wink:


What I do, I wrap my coil contact style on a jig. Then I’ll stretch the coil out. Doesn’t matter how far apart. Then I’ll push the coils together against the side of the jig and let the coil go. This will make them evenly spaced.


That’s what I always did too. Wondering if there’s a sciencey reason to space them a certain width.


I’m guessing you have reached that with the original boreas and the deep water titanium build. I feel like it’s a zen moment when you find the perfect tank/coil combo, and I haven’t bought a tank since I found the boreas, but I still like trying different builds in them, but it’s mostly because I like to tinker with stuff lol


I tried a lot of wires and builds I started using this wire and I really like it great flavor I build 5 wraps (spaced) with a 3.0 dia. the flavor is great!


I tried one of these flaptons in SS instead of kanthal… flavor/cloud production seems to be very similar to a fused clapton of similar size. The thing I don’t like about flaptons instead of claptons is that it’s so damned springy.
I can never keep my intended ID, which is sometimes annoying if you’re working on a deck that doesn’t have loads of space. In my Griffin 25 for example, I can fit a regular 3mm ID but with these flaptons I have to stick to 2.5mm or they’ll short out against the wall.


I sometimes make some SS flaptons myself, and I have never had any problems with springiness, in fact I find them to be less springy and more manageable than fused claptons.

Don’t know if it is because I use a slightly thinner core 0.2x0.8 or if it because its a different metal mix. Not all SS316L are the same, there are differences from different manufacturers and sometimes between different batches from the same manufacturer.


I don’t know I stretch them out to space them I compress them back down and they stay there I just now no more than 5 minutes ago did a build no problem


Do you flatten your own wire with a hammer? That should be less springy than the ribbon wire you buy on a spool (according to the flat wire “specialist” Oen).

My experience is that pre-made flat wire is springy as hell, I’ve tried different vendors and they all have the same issue.


@Suomynona Those videos were some of the most interesting, revealing, and useful videos that I’ve seen in a while.


No, I use some cheap Chinese ribbon wire from Fasttech.

I am not sure if our different experience with it is because of objective differences in the actual wire, or it is simply subjective interpretations of what we find springy?


I define springy as not keeping its shape… when you wrap it around the coil jig, it wants to unwind whereby the inner diameter increases. You can pull and tug on the wire to stay in place, but as soon as you loosen tension, it starts doing its own thing.
Kinda like when you push on a spring and it automatically comes back to its original shape, this flat wire wants to do the same thing.
Also when building, it’s not as easy to put the coil in a certain position. Once you think you’ve got it right, it starts moving again as soon as you let it go.


Update, nearly a year after my original post - other than consistently longer life with contact coils (2 weeks with contact coils vs 1 week with spaced coils), the biggest difference to me is the flavor variation at different Watts I can enjoy with contact coils. Most of my recipes combine flavors and with a contact coil, different Watts highlight different flavors. For example with Pina Colada and a 30G 11 wrap 1.9’ish Ohm contact coil, 7W is mainly coconut, 9W is mainly pineapple, and 8W is a balance. With spaced coils I ONLY get the delicious balance. I don’t know about you, but I like different flavor balances in the morning compared to the evening.

Since this thread started I’ve since bought a Siren 2 where ‘everyone’ says ‘26G spaced coil’. Yes it’s delicious like the 8W vape mentioned above, but there’s no scope for variety. AND I have to use 14W on the 26G spaced coil instead of 8W on the contact coil for the same flavor. I know what I’m sticking to…


lots to think about and got me thinking. It could be that your fruits like the warmer vape w/ contact coils so w/ spaced you have to up the watts to get em warmer. It could also be that w/ spaced your coils are wider, losing direct airflow contact where w/ the contact they are smaller and in direct line w/ your incoming airflow. Everyone tastes are different but always enjoy follow-ups!


I seem to experience the same effect with both my tobacco and chocolate recipes, so not just fruits…