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Squeezing the Stash


I think that is a great idea, for some!

Unfortunately, just not for me in particular (and especially with my methodology).
I have several problems with the notion (as I’m sure you could guess chuckles), and the primary two being:

  • withstanding the heat and stress of the ultrasonic (I’m beyond the verification phase of the ‘use no heat’/simple ‘time only’ approaches).
  • I’m still leary of trusting plastics to maintain the integrity of very potent, to ultra potent flavorings.

Very thoughtful suggestion though! I’ve no doubt it could well benefit others! :thumbsup:


Code DIY gives you an additional discount.

That’s what I mostly get as well as plastics. I don’t know if it’s cheaper than that sale, but it’s cheaper than Amazon in most cases.

But I’ve bought from Amazon too, 24x15ml for $11.99 I think, delivered same day since I only add them if I need a other item that same day and are under $35 (total) lol, maybe something to consider.


Thanks @woftam , definitely will consider.