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Squonker mod recommendations?


Yeah I’m curious too


I just ordered one! Going to use my Dead Rabbit RDA on it


To me it is a good starter. It will take some fiddling to find your butter zone. Trust me.


Yeah I’m anxious to get it


Get some extra bottles. The ones that came with my wife’s 160 didn’t last long.


I will thanks… do you know what ones to get and from where?


Something to look for when you get it. A friend got one a week ago and the 510 is loose already. We will be doing surgery tomorrow.




great that sux


eBay has them and most of the Chinese vendors have them. I did see something on eBay for I believe 10 of the replacement bottles for $0.99.


Maybe not, hang in there. This guy is like el-destructo and has been through countless mods. I’ll know more after the operation.


ok cool I won’t panic yet thanks bro


You’re all good. The 510 assembly is threaded underneath the shroud with a nut tightening it. Four screws to pull the outer cover and easy access to tighten. Very nice construction. Probably wasn’t tightened completely in manufacturing. Also nice soldering job on all connections.


Excellent thanks I appreciate that


Where can I find out more about that Throne? Looks cool anyway.


Yeah it dose look cool I’m gonna do a little research on it I’ll get back to if / when I find some info on it


Hey TW
I found this so far no review but a little more info gonna look for some reviews now



I also found this…


I’m still waiting for my KangerTech DB 160 to come in It’s now been like 17 days still no sign of my order :rage::rage::rage: