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Stainless 316L resistance


With the Aromamizer Plus you get good flavor from the 20 and 10ml set ups. The 5ml set up is mind blowingly good. The coils are very close to you mouth. By far the best flavor RTA I own.


Now why did you have to go and say that? Don’t I already own enough RTAs?


Make sure you get the Aromamizer Plus RDTA with bundle kit. It’s not an RDTA, not sure why they call it that. But with the bundle you get 2x 10ml glasses, 2x 20ml glasses with chimney extension, 2x 5ml glass with shorty chimney.

And yes, I also have too many RTAs. But I want a dual Ammit and a Pharaoh rta. Fuck it, might as well get them all. Am I right?


Kind of like Pokémon, gotta get 'em all :laughing:
And I highly recommend the Dual Ammit. The lack of a center post makes it a breeze to coil. :+1:


I should be getting my ijoy combo rdta tomorrow, and that is what I’m hoping for with it as well. Hoping to shelve the tfv8 and get some good flavor out of my juice! Very first time I tried an rda it blew my mind how much better the same juice tasted! I just can’t be bothered to drip while I’m at work, so I’ve been looking into rta’s also. I would be hating life if my tank dumped at work and I couldn’t rewick it, so the rdta’s are my best hope to get off of premade coils on the go. My obs engine won’t leak if I tried to make it do so, but still don’t get the flavor I do off of my govad. “Best of both worlds” is probably a pipe dream, but I’m nothing if not persistent when I find something I want! Lol


Idk if they export, or if anyone over there carries it, but I’ve shelved all of the Chinese crap since I’ve found it.


RDAs are superior on flavor, in my personal opinion. But like you I can’t drip at work effectively because I’m a mechanic.

As far as RTAs go the wicking will come with experience. When I first started it would take me 20 minutes or more to wick one and even then it still might leak or get dry hits. 8 months later and I can flip my RTA over on top of my tool box and take off the bottom and rewick in about 3 minutes. Have a ziplock bag with a few cotton pads, scizzors, tweezers and you can patch up quickly.


I’ve found claptons, and fused claptons give me awesome flavor! Staples can too, but if you’re looking to go all ss, and you think that the round wire is difficult to deal with, oh man are you gonna hit the roof trying to get vertically stacked ss ribbon to behave while wrapping it into a coil! Ribbon takes a lot more juice to heat also, so that may be a deterrent as well. I’ve seen a lot of people use kanthal ribbon and wrap it with ss, but that defeats the purpose of going away from kanthal to me. The 316L is the best I’ve tried so far, I’d steer clear of the 317 if you’re just starting out with it. I’m still a little iffy on the N80 until I get an allergy test done. Some metals break me out or turn me green; I don’t want to discover an allergy with a lungful of it lol!


Try moving your coils up your chimney more… if you have a good gap under your coils 2.5 to 3 mm it really helps.


Thought I would share this here with you too as I was helping someone else in a different thread with their Engine and flavor… this is my mini the coils are 3.5mm in diameter to give you a bit of reference. Really move them up so that they are next to the airflow holes in the chimney and lots of room under so the air is forced down and around… if your coils are lower the just hits the top and up the chimney so you are only working off the top of the coils. Good luck, have fun and really enjoy what your Engine can do😉


I’ll give that a go, thank you!


Just be careful. I gave my buddy my old Temple RDA and he put in some massive coils, took a deep hit and got so light headed he fell right on his ass and was dizzy for a while I tried to warn him (sorta)…


…maybe a tad bit of schadenfreude there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@TheTinMan1, the Pharaoh is amazing, you won’t regret it - they must have done something right with that airflow and it gives the best flavor among the single-coil RTAs i recently got - doesn’t whistle too (i hate it when tanks whistle)
you can tweak it for more clouds and it can take big large builds if that’s your style. wicking is a bit tricky though :slight_smile: as the juice channels are sooooo big. (note, i replaced the top with the one from Griffin25+ like Daniel did in YT.)