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Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan 41mm RDTA review by Mjag


I love mah Steam Craves, but man, this thing DWARFS most mods !!!


Sure does. The WR mod is for a 30mm tank.


He made a ridiculously good looking stab wood that held 40mm, I am sure he can stretch that to 41 without much trouble. Plan on ordering one after the holdays.


I’m definitely thinking Christmas for a certain someone


Great review. Cool build deck, with all the options. Like the neutral post for the series builds.


Why thank you Molly! I don’t know what to say!:hugs:


You weren’t supposed to see it!!! Shhhhh!!!


I just put the air flow ring on some 600 wet or dry paper and took a bit off one side then polished the inside of the ring as well to remove some sharp o ring cutting edges. I don’t know how much was taken off but it’s a LOT smoother now


Thanks reds, appreciate it


thank you for ordering me a WR Mod for the holidays that will fit the giant Titan tank. you shouldnt have but i sincerely appreciate all you do!



Lol, as they say “The mod is in the mail” :wink: :grin: