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Steampugs Open All Hours 'Top Picks' shop tab now live


Let me get mine first and ill tell you if its worth it or not :thumbsup:


Should be here sometime in 2018 :laughing:


They are just sanding this down for you mate won’t take long


For £62 its a fucking bargain, not sure id pay £130 though…ive been using mine with the serpent mini 25 since friday, .3ohms, excellent battery life for a single bat, hasnt missed a beat :ok_hand:…and it does look the part




Could you recommend a regular goon and kennedy clone to me? I guess you might prefer the mad dog over a regular goon?


Where are you man? States or Europe?


I’m in the states


Ah the cloon i got which is excellent was from ebay uk, no good for you, you cant go wrong with a mad dog though its a very good RDA for the price, there’s a deal for one in my shop if thats any use for you man 🖒www.steampugs.co.uk , hit shop, then RDA’s


Thanks! I appreciate it. I found a good deal on vaporider for the mad dog that I will probably end up getting.