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Steeping? Myth or a must?


Simply not true. There are plenty of mixes that are good straight away. That’s not to say they don’t change over time - all do to one degree or another. Most for the better but some…not so much. You will find good reading on the subject here.

And it so happens one of my favorite mixes is excellent as a shake and vape. Of course it does get better in a week or so, but right off it’s really good.


I’ve only been mixing about 3 months now and found steeping has vastly improved some of my first mixes that I thought were a dead loss after trying them a few days after mixing.
The only real snv that I have enjoyed are one shot concentrates I purchased like T Juice Red Astaire and Black N Blue, these I mixed at 20% and were vapeable from the off and tasted just like premium.
I Have about 10 one shots now that I mix and vape whilst my stash is Steeping.


SnVs are a WONDERFUL thing, but most of the time steeping will change the flavor. more often than not the flavor gets stronger, but a lot of times flavors that are really strong off the bat calm down over time.

Same here. I have a recipe that’s nice, bright, and crisp as a snv that develops into a sweeter, more smooth vape after a couple weeks.


All of my minty menthol mixes are S&N just because the way my daily routines go, I’m usually getting low by the time I can mix anything. They do mellow out a lot after a week or two. I’ve never had any last a month though. :slight_smile: Creme De Menthe gets much creamier after a week but again, a 50 mil bottle only lasts a couple weeks so… :grin:


I know that working with NET liquids the first pull is horrific. After a month or so sublime is the only word I have for them. I made a cherry vanilla pipe that I heat cooled and tried. Nope no sir. Put in my coffee can steeper and month later, best pipe I have ever had.


I think you’ll find that it’s even more than 1 hundred bagillion, more like 3 or 4


Raspberry, Custard, Creams, Nuts, all way better for me after a month


From experience it really depends on the flavor and personal preference.

Again it depends on the flavor and personal preference .

Even thou I have mixes premixed at 0 nic

I don’t like until it has nic in it for 1 week. Others I just add nic shake n vape.


it’s definitely not a myth…

some flavors are good even for shake and vape… some others need time, some others need more time and some other need much more time…
i will not speak for different steeping techniques or whatever… but in a very generic way i would say:
fruits : usually they can be ready fast…
creams: need more time
complex recipes: need much more time…
high VG juices: need even more time specially when the recipes are complex
very big batches: imho need much more time…

though steeping is a very personal preference… i mean even if we are talking for the same juice, i could taste better for me in 30 days and for you at 15 days… but oh well did i said days? that’s steeping :stuck_out_tongue:
in a more expert way and simple to explain the thing is waiting for the ejuice to be stable… what this means? waiting for it to be on a state that we can’t understand any changes in taste… for explaining it further

let’s say you’re making a very large batch like 1liter of an ejuice called "Elixir of youth"
forget about the recipe… doesn’t matter… it’s flavor A, B,C and D…
if you start vaping it on first day that batch was created (if you like it that way) a few days it will have a different taste… the same after a week, some goes after 2 or 3 weeks (timelines are random just for an example) etc etc… when the ejuice is stable anymore no matter what it will taste the same!!!

if you’re making small batches probably you can’t understand this thing very well… ejuices need time to get steeped… but 30ml or 50ml can go away in just a few days before the procedure completes so this can’t be a rule… in my case that i make very large batches 300ml-1liter of different juicees storing them in my closet, i start vaping them after like 30-40 days, sometimes some recipe require a little more time to be completely stable… and that’s a good point of steeping… while in general steeping methods can vary! there are several ways to steep… personally i don’t consider myself as an expert still learning and i have a lot to learn yet… though all i want to say is that steeping isn’t just a myth… it’s a requirement or even i would say a MUST!


Nice post. That is one of the best explanations of steeping I have seen. I am an impatient mo fo.
I need some.


thank you very much :slight_smile: