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Strawberry Love


Just mixed this the other night in a whim and fell in love


I am suckered by SB mixes so of course I tried yours and I love it !!! I had to trim some d/t my pg sensitivity but it’s amazballs !
I’ll share w/ ya what I did ( tried really hard not to sway any profiles off the scales too much to stay true to yours )

Strawberry milkshake Adapted from LoriDs

Ingredient %
Butterscotch (FW) 0.75
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.25
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 0.5
Malted Milk (TPA) 1.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors) 2.25
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 1.5
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 1.25

Flavor total: 14%

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This will remain private as it’s an adaption :wink: outside of this posting


ooh like the look of that, I did a straight up SB Milkshake couple of nights ago, I tasted it this morning and it’s delicious already, locking it away for a week or 2 to get the best out of it :yum:

Strawberry Pugshake

Ingredient %
Cream (Milky Undertone) (OOO) 4
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 2
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 2
Strawberry Milkshake (Real Flavors) 5
Strawberry Milkshake (Vapable) 3
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 1.5

Flavor total: 19.5%

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That does look so good ! reminds me a lil bit of my Double SB milkshake
w/ that much OoO Cream Milky undertone you’ll want at least a month but 2 is better and smoother and allows all the flavors to get in that milk !

The longer this steeps the better it is

Double strawberry milkshake

Ingredient %
Cream (Milky Undertone) (OOO) 3
Milk Condensed (FA) 0.25
Strawberry (Real Flavors) 5
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 4
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3

Flavor total: 15.25%

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wow…it almost looks like I ripped yours off there! haha, I can assure you I never saw yours :anguished:

lol, I think we have very similar taste huh :thumbsup:

I didn’t know anyone else who used OOO until you either…let alone cornish cream tea lol


No worries I am sure you didn’t hee hee


Strawberry is the most popular test and flavors for ever. Thanks for shearing your e liquid recipes with make by strawberry.:slight_smile:


Thanks! I ordered JF sweet strawberry yesterday so I’ll mix this up when I get it! =)


Always Max Vg :smile: for me !

Hope you can say it’s close enough


I’m new to diy juice. looking for sb that doesn’t have too many flavors bc my stash is small. the fairy dust looks nice. do you know a good place i can pick up all three of those flavors? on a budget and don’t want to pay shipping to order individual from different websites. ty


Can you share a link to the recipe?


it’s at the top of this page. 1st message, about halfway down.


Gotcha! You could probably find those most everywhere, I’d check nicotine river or ecigexpress. Or if you want to try them in teeny tiny little bottles you could check wizard labs, but they don’t always have all the flavors I’m looking for.


thanks. i seen the wizard labs site. same problem with selection. I’m not overly particular with flavors. if i find something i like, I’ll make 500mL and switch it up once it’s gone if I’m tired of it. thats why i decided to diy. i used to buy from mtbaker until i got this Griffin 25. damn thing drinks like a fish. also mtbaker raised their prices a lot in the last couple years. now they want 8.99 for a 30mL, which on a 5mL .2ohm tank… cant do it.


Thanks for answering this I was driving all day today.

@g_man2 I still make this one on occasion it’s an old one of mine so I did take it down from being public.It’s very creamy w/ BB and SB in the background if you want the fruit to be more prominent bring down the cream to 1-1.25% I’d also give it 2-3 weeks to steep. As VapeyMama stated these are all available at ECX or WL or even BCF. Very simple mix. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a fun thread for simple easy to learn recipes that are 3 flavors and yes it even has a crazy name.