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Success for first time mix/some what


Desired strength is your goal, meaning whatever you want it to be at the end. That’s what you want too vape, not what stands on the nic bottle!

Nicotine strength is the number that stands on your bottle. In your case 48, put that in the box.

Pg content of nicotine is the base of your nic, since you said yours is pg based set it to 100.

Since its pg based and not includes any VG, set VG content of nic. to 0%

Do not click the ready to vape base, leave it as is and save to default. Next time you click create, these numbers will be applied automatic, and you won’t have to worry, unless you make changes.

From there you can add flavors on the bottom, hope it helps.


I totally understand now. Thank you very much. I will give it a shot.


I got such a brilliant tip from one of DIY or DIE’s videos. Once your mix is ready, put it into a bowl of boiling water and leave it there for a few minutes, and then shake or stir it up.It makes the VG much thinner and it makes it easier to mix.

Edit: Edited out my crappy grammer.


Awesome thanks for the tip.


This is the first kit/DIY supplies i ever purchased. I was not impressed with any of the LB flavors i recieved(vanilla icecream is delicious though)!
In the end, i was able to learn the basics of mixing while using this kit. I also loved the mixing mat and still use it for calculations today!
Happy vaping! :dash::dash:


I actually attached my mixer to a drill as the body of mine broke. It was messy. And entertaining :joy::sunglasses:


Hi Laura5 yes I was thinking the same thing looks like I’m going to be looking into a heated magnetic mixer I’ve got people hitting me up left and right and if it keeps up their going to have to start paying me.


must be nice not to have too many budget constraints for vaping :slight_smile:
you may be a bit careful with that, it’s easy to get sucked into a spending habit when you start vaping.


I tried using my battery operated drill but that did not do much for me no mess nothing but slow going.
But…the problem was solved real quick this past weekend.
I got out my multi tool just a knock off of a Dremel tool it had a micro collet I slid that in and it was like it was made for the shaft of the cream throther that comes with the LB kit I set the speed to 2 and it made quick non-messy work of really mixing my 30/70 liquid.
If you take a pair of pliers smash the plastic coupling that goes from the shaft of the battery operated motor and the actual mixing shaft then cut that off with wire cutters then it will just slide right into to the Dremel tool.
So finally that is the last of my troubles with mixing.


Thanks for the input I’m going to start doing this as well I finally killed my mixer but revived it with a knock off Dremel tool with multi speed settings if you try this don’t go above 2 on the speed though.


No problem. ALways a pleasure to help.