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Suorin Air Giveaway: Try A Unique Vape Gear by iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn


@Fenrir1 I had the same thing happen to me with a paid item from america cost me an extra £20 to get it

@fidalgo_vapes Glad you saw what I was doing and that I didnt have to resort to a post of my own :wink:

EDIT: I resorted, kinda…


@ anyone that feels the need, please send your dislikes / comments of the device to the company that made the Suorin Air and NOT at heavensgifts for trying to do something for the community


I would say no more than $30 for this. Thats about the going rate for other small devices like this one. And that might be too much



This contest has ended.

@Volition @Grubby @SignMan Thanks for your supports and participation.
This time we won’t select winner, hope you can understand.:slight_smile:

See you next time!


Thanks for giving us these competitions, I hope you continue to offer us a chance to win some of your fantastic products in the future :wink:


Yes, we will.
Please stay tuned.:wink:


Thanks for putting this contest on. I hate that people didnt get involved but there’s always next time!