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Super bowl predictions


damn, that looks good…


IKR…I thought the same thing…supposed to be taking the piss here…:rofl:


I honestly couldn’t care less, I’m a Saints fan. What I want to see is Tom Brady get sacked over and over and over.


My prediction is a good buzz by halftime, heart burn and indigestion by 3rd quarter and tumms all day Monday. As for the game, I’m gonna say the Patriots will take it. No prediction on the end score, I suck at that.


Way ahead of ya… :laughing:


I dgaf who wins, but I’m hoping for wardrobe malfunction at the halftime show… :grin:


I’m not!!!


You’re not a JT fangurl?


Nope, my sister is though.


Any predictions on how many players don’t stand for the anthem (or do we not want to go there…)?


Me as well , I hope they sneak Janet back in somehow!:star_struck:


I’m sure if they do that she’ll have a chastity bra on this time :rofl:


I honestly don’t care , I stand at all events when it plays but I have no issue for anyone that don’t as long as they aren’t showing any disrespect. I just think that is what freedom is all about.


People seem to go crazy on this subject:exploding_head:


I hope it doesn’t happen at all. But, I’m not going to watch, because that hurts
my heart.


It used to bother me as well , until I watched a W.W.II vet kneel to show support for the players who refused to stand.
The right to choose how he lived his life was why he fought.


“Having a right to do something does not make it the right thing to do,” Rohan (national commander of the American Legion) said. “There are many ways to protest, but the national anthem should be our moment to stand together as one UNITED States of America.”

My father is a Vietnam Vet, my son and I are vets… That’s how we feel.
I’ll not say any more, as I don’t want to argue on ELR.


Thank you all for your service!! And you are right elr is not the place for it. Let’s talk Football😀


I wouldn’t argue with you DaMomma ! I fly a flag in my yard and have one folded in a display case. That is what I hate most about being a libertarian.Many times I don’t agree with the actions but I cherish Freedom more.
God bless you and yours and Thank you and yours for your service.