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Super bowl predictions


holy fack, they did it, the pats lost! they finally lost!


I’M Stoked !!! Eagles #1


Game of the decade!!!

Well done gents!


Eagle’s win!! Man that game had me on the edge of my seat!!


Party Time in Philly !!!


Awesome , congrats Eagles fans!



YES EAGLE’S WIN :laughing:


Congrats Philly!!!


:happycry: :happycry: :happycry:


Yes I like them crunchy


I really don’t @BoyHowdy, but it looks delicious, might be , well i could name a lot of things , anything on the grill is good to me!!


I know right . It looks like some kind of rotisserie that has some kind of skewer sticks going through them. I have no idea though but I agree anything on a grill is good!


Last one:


OK one more




I would feel bad for cooks. A blind side hit to helmet is never good.


Yeah I shouldn’t joke about it, kinda crappy on my part. I have firsthand knowledge of helmet to helmet blows. I woke up to smelling salts and a concussion that ended my eligibility to play high-school ball. The Worst part, it was a teammate during practice hit drills.

The hit Cooks took was ruthless but legal.


Yup. I hear ya. From our time it seems like most of the injuries happened at practice and not on the Friday night game.

I didn’t have the luxury of smeelling salts but got to use crutches for two months.


Seems like we both played on some pretty good teams lol. I actually broke three of my teammates ribs and felt terrible about it. Thinking back to my days of football there were a whole lot of Ambulances.

Hopefully the OP doesn’t mind the minor thread derailment.