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Sweeting up Tobacco


Steep it for 1-2 weeks for best results JoJo. Gives the rum a chance to really meld with the mix.

Most Vape shops don’t blend like we do. Mix one flavor with nic, VG, PG and sell it. That makes for the really bad tobacco flavors you see in the vape shops. There’s the tree bark tobaccos and the I picked up a rotted log from the ground tobacco flavors mostly LOL. Tobacco flavors are one of the hardest flavors to work with and get it right so it’s easy to see why many vape shops shy away from them. They know what they have available sucks. Talk to ya later, think I’ll go light up a cinnamon almond cig…


You can make a close 555 flavor using TPA Red Type Blend with 0.4% Acetyl Pyrazine and 0.4% Ethyl Maltol. I like a little lighter tobacco flavor so I only use 10% Red Type Blend but you can increase it to 12 or 14 and it should come close. It won’t taste like much the first few days. I like to mix my flavoring with the pg/vg base then steep at least 4 days before adding AP/EM just to see how the tobacco flavor develops.


Hi Danny2; Think I could sub Hazelnut for the Acetyl Pyrazine? I have everything but the Acetyl Pyrazine. Been wanting to try something else with the red type. My first attempt I really didn’t care for and have not had any time to play with it lately…


I would say you can try that. I have never used hazelnut. {Got it on my next order though} I’m not sure about the flavor. What I would do is make your tobacco mix, let it steep, then put it in your tank and add 1 drop at a time of the hazelnut flavor to see if it gives you the final flavor your looking for. Acetyl Pyrazine is a super strong molecule. To much added to your mix will taste like frito’s corn chips. I like 2 drops in 30ml. You might like 3 drops better or you might like just 1. But I always steep he tobacco first. Let that flavor develop first before adding any molecules. Let me know if that works for you.


Oh you’ll like hazelnut if you get a good one. I use Flavor West Hazelnut and highly recommend it. It is a wonderful accent flavor for tobacco, blackberry, butterscotch, creams, coffee and anything else you want a little nutty flavor accent. I’m told it’s not bad as a Stand-alone but never tried it. It’s one of my top ten favorite flavors I use. Bet it will soon be a favorite for you!

I’ll have to play with the mix it sounds like, subbing hazelnut, but I think I would like to give it a try soon as I get some time. Thanks for the info…


As daath suggested Vanilla, I’ve tried it and was surprised. Only used 1% and it sweetened up the Western by a lot. As an experiment I also added 1% Whipped Cream and that added background turning the plain juice in to RY4 style. Pretty good, just need to tweak it some more. Seems that the key is to add tiny amounts.


You. Should also try oba oba or amber . I was shocked at what it did to gold for pipe.


Dude, every smoker and ex-smoker who has tried this likes it -

I hope you do too :slight_smile:


Sweetening Tobaccos

As a rule, I never use sweeteners. I’d rather add other flavors to a mix to either sweeten and or add some extra depth or nuance.

Firstly, make sure your mix is steeped if need be. Steeping may bring out some extra sweet/richness that isn’t present from a SNV (shake and Vape)

Some excellent concentrates such as FLV Cured or Red Burley are SNV, so you can experiment with extra layers or sweetening options straight away.

Here are some common flavors/additives I use to sweeten tobacco-

Marshmallow, Meringue, Marzipan, Creams-Sweet Creams, Custards, Apple, Pear, Vanillas, Butterscotch, Caramel, Rum, Bourbons, Oba Oba, wOw, Maple Syrup, MB Bubblegum.


I can understand most other flavors, but bubblegum and tobacco? :nauseated_face:


Yes, very weird but I added 0.25% recently to a strong pipe mix and it seemed to steep out fairly well. But I have a friend who loves it in all tobaccos. I agree it’s rather odd but some seem to like it and it can work but rarely. Certainly not for those who like authentic baccos.