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Tastes changing


I know why now:


I can’t jump on the bandwagon here. I tried everything known to mankind over 40 years and the result was the same. Plain ass miserable without smoking, 24/7. Vaping was different. I feel fine. Better every day. But if @Ailith doesn’t have the same response to vaping, I get that. It never made a damn bit of sense to live a couple of years longer in pure misery. The only way I will change is if change is better. I feel fortunate and blessed that vaping works for me but the one size fits all concept is not mine. Keep on keepin on my friend. Seek and you shall find. Whatever that is.


Apparently I quit smoking.




That’s amazing, well done :+1: huge congratulations :wink:


Whooop! Nice one dude! :tada::tada::tada:


Yay!!! Congrats buddy. I’m so proud of you. Seriously.


Congrats…you go man!!!


But all the cool kids are doing it


Congratulations! :clap:t3::clap:t3::tada::balloon::confetti_ball::balloon::tada::no_smoking::no_smoking::no_smoking:

I was about to say that no matter what anyone tells you, facts, figures, the costs, health risks, etc… you have to want to not smoke anymore. No one else can make you feel that but you!

I was desperate to quit. I loved smoking, but also hated smoking at the same time! I was also in love at first vape! As @Walt3 said. The day after I bought my first eGo starter kit and juice, my smokes became non existent! The only thing that took about a week to get used to was the routine. No more Lighting a cigarette, holding it between my fingers, things like that. But that was easy enough to get through while vaping.

Great job!


How could you possible know what the cool kids are doing?


It’s junior high, remember!


Hey buddy. Hopefully it’s congrats on day number 2!!! Everyday that goes by vaping just gets better and better. Keep it up.


It’s more like day 40 :stuck_out_tongue: