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Testing different flavors? How you guys do it?


4 weeks steep. RDA new wick.Single/standalone/one flavor with tasteless nic or no nic. 3ml. dropper vials.
Works for me.


It’s an alternative wicking material


A TC mod really comes in handy when switching flavors. When testing, I’ll drip on my Derringer RDA and vape until there isn’t any vapor anymore in TC mode. Then I’ll put a few drops of VG base in, vape that down, and then move on to the next flavor.


It’s not an alternative, everything else wishes it was hemp. #cottonisforpanties


What coil and what temp/watt are you dripping at?


You can start a survey on the forum, but I’m sure many people are interested.
I’m curious anyway even though I’m not about weed at all


How is it so different?


Have a read through the tutorial thread. It wicks well at 150W+, hard to dry hit, lasts many months, transparent flavor (cotton tastes nasty after you are used to hemp) and it clears flavors very quickly for tasting.

I know one member of the forum has used the same wick for over 800ml of juice and is still going strong. I have drippers that have been wicked for 2 years that i use infrequently. Your coils will die, even smooth wire, before the wick does.

It has no more to do with weed than does a hemp bracelet.


If you have coiltype as fused clapton etc. which hold some ejuice internal, its possible a draw for feeling the taste without wicking.


I’m using dual SS316L claptons 26/36 8 wraps ohming around .33 on a Derringer V3 RDA. Running at 485F with a 55F preheat on a VT75 DNA mod.


That is a great idea :smile:


Thank you. I use Cotton Bacon V2 so I always have a bit of leftovers when I wick. I hated to see it wasted.


Hey thanks a lot for the complete answer, you are pointing out the direction of a tutorial,
I’m really far from an internet guy, I’m trying super hard.
How can I see that tutorial please?



@Marcil802 click the blue words in @Underanne’s post above and you’ll open the tutorial thread.