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The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do


I didnt even consider how the “shisha” was listed and commented solely for how the Inawera is listed. If u look the listings are commonly done w/ adjectives second. If u think about it that categorizes it easier. For example if u want to see all the vanillas, search vanilla and brings up your list of different ones. There is some order to this madness,usually, sometimes, maybe, I think.


Found exception already Shisha Orange (Inawera)


I think there may be used to be some order to this! I think, maybe, usually, hell IDK! Lmao!


My theory there would be an improper merge, choosing Shisha orange vs. orange shisha as the other listings would suggest format to be.


I’ve been reading this one from the OP, and you guys are bringing up some really good stuff here. I’m sure I made my fair share of mistakes early on, but I was lucky to have made some friends who would PM me and let me know, hehe.

I completely see BOTH sides of the argument here, and an indeed aware of the damage to a large database that can occur with “differing” entries. Even to this day, sometimes when mixing up something new, with maybe a not so mainstream flavor, it can be “challenging” to find the right one. Keep this one going guys, as it’s a shame that the OP left ?? He could have actually helped out a lot here, from a newer user’s perspective, etc.


Re-reading the OP, and having come from ANOTHER 3 letter forum, and even yet another 6 letter site, I found the people on ELR to be some of the MOST welcoming people I ever had the pleasure to spend time with. @daath hasn’t kicked me out yet, so I guess I’m safe, … for now …


Honestly, I didn’t really explore the forums once I found this place. I am very inactive on the other three letter site, not my cup of tea. Not even a member on any others. Love this vape crew!


There are a couple other nice ones I haunt, but that is not one of them.


I used to think that. I wonder if there is just a way to prevent a recipe from being made public if it contains flavors that are not on the public approved list?

I still think there are valid uses (custom dilutions, stones, etc.) for having the ability to create custom flavorings, but is there a reason for a public recipe to have them? I hate to see us lock down the flexibility we have when creating work in progress recipes. I do think any recipe that is shared should meet basic criteria like only containing flavors from a. validated list. Heck even include an option to submit new flavors to the admins for validation. Would probably be far less work then all the dupe weeding just to see the dupes pop up again we do now. An option could be added to show only approved flavors.


Hey! That’s an idea!!! Let WIP have those special, personal flavors. And final works contain pre approved ones. One could add a check box by the save button. One reads: WIP and one reads: finalized


I think I read that flavors entered in private recipes are saved to the database also.


Sure there is. I have seen some interesting ones shared. I havent felt the need to create my own just yet but that creativity and convenience that they offer is appreciated. If not allowed public I wouldnt be able to fiddle w/ anyone else stones. :frowning_face:


Dude, lol. Seriously? :rofl:


I was gonna say something, thanks for swooping in on it first!


someone stated that they are on another thread i was reading yesterday


You’re correct sir!

And this is something I’ve been working on since we haven’t had the ability to sort by type.

There’s definitely a reason: improved functional use and organization of the database to improve the user’s experience.

Super-duper concentrated ingredients - how do you do it?

They are. What I’d like to see are private flavors. One’s that don’t show up in the public list. Or at least an verified list so you could just click a check box and filter out all the ones that aren’t real.

I don’t care if they exist if I can at least filter them out so I have a usable list.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of deleting everything you don’t want but instead just providing useful filters. Think about the box you can check to hide single flavor recipes. Something like that.


That would be great!


That is a good idea! And for recipes that have such automatically hidden private flavors, there could be a disclaimer like “This recipe contains unverified flavors that are not in the public database. Click to show”, so you could see what was hidden from view. That would keep the original recipe’s integrity while not allowing that, um, ‘integrity’ to glut the public DB.


Is this why I am noticing changes in several flavorings?