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The Flavor Muting Thread


or this one lmao


You can look at a stone (if you use it often) like the following also:
I am vaping this right now…

Bread Pudding Creamed
11.50% Bread Pudding (Real Flavors)
2.00% Stone - CreamStone

The “Stone - CreamStone” is actually this recipe that is over on the recipe side of the site…

This saves me a bit of time from adding 5 ingredients that form up a cream base that I can use at different times as when I make that Bread Pudding that I am vaping.


There are several different views when it come to creating a stone or base. I kinda stumble across my bases as part of recipes I’d like to use in other mixes. Here’s the latest one I’ve come across. I usually create these when I find a better alternative to a single concentrate. I haven’t found other sites that use this technique for creating a SF concentrate. It seems to be localized at ELR, but I can be wrong.


I have had some flavor muting issues with the RF SC flavors. It goes like this for quite a few of their flavors; first couple of hits are really good, then the next few are very much less so, followed not too far by the vape becoming very bland and almost tasteless. I know a lot of people have moved away from using the RF SC but has anyone else run into this? I love their Pink Burst, but it just doesn’t hold its flavor through more than 3 or 4 hits before it starts to taste less flavorful.