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The Magic of a 30 Day Steep


Have to agree. Try your donut recipes after 3 months, you may be surprised.


You should try a custard mix after its sat for 5 months!
Unbelievable the difference in creamy smoothness!
( I only know that because a 200ml mix I made up in July was rediscovered a week or so back when clearing out my mix cupboard! LOL)


I Just dumped one that steeped for 2 months it was not good all I could taste was sweetness all the flavors were really muted I don’t know if was just a bad recipe or steeping that long that caused it I was just looking back at the recipe the total percentage of flavorings is possibly too high @ 24% wondering if that is the problem?


Try it without the added ethyl maltol, that could be the culprit. It’s a notorious flavor muter and may already be in your concentrates, so you probably have more than just 1% in there.


As a note to this thread, I’m sure everyone’s taking notes on what is working on these recipes, like;
3 weeks… kinda weak
5 weeks… this tastes great

I say this because I’m terrible at taking notes!
I’d mix something up and try it a month later and say it was good… mix it up again and it would be like “shrugs” and wonder why I thought it was good before, Look at my notes and see I had let it steep longer or shorter before and catch my issues. It wasn’t that I was mistaken on liking or disliking, it was I wasn’t looking at the details of what “I” liked.
This is an important part of the diy. Even if the original person states to steep something for a month, it isn’t set in stone until YOU figure out when you like the mix. As is said often, everyone’s taste is subjective and different. It is also why you’ll see people mention tasting their mixes at different stages, at least initially. Learning when a particular recipe tastes right for you is what is important.


Great suggestion thanks


I totally agree with you, I’m just not sure what’s going on with this particular recipe steeped to long? Not steeped long enough? I don’t know I’m thinking maybe it needs to steep longer I’ll put in my notes what I’m tasting now and let steep a little longer I was going to dump it out when I wash all my empty bottles so I still have it I think I’ll give it a chance to see what it’s like in another week thank you for you help I appreciate it !


I would see what it is like in a week and then maybe try to dilute it a little to see if that improves it - if not chuck it into the suicide bottle. When the suicide bottle is full put menthol into it and give it to a minties vaper :rofl: . I think it is @Ken_O_Where who first coined the phrase menthol fixes all bad mixes.


I kinda stumbled across the 30 day rule because of some forgotten mixes that 30 days or more steep became amazing.

30 day steep is the bare minimum for me. I mix most of my favorites at 120-240 mls. Considering I have 10+ favorite recipes, there is no way I can vape them all in less than 30 days. Most of them last 6 months or more. Flavor degradation isn’t a option for me.

I see some mixers say they have a 3-5 ml. tester mix. I mix any new mixes at 30-60 mls to make sure I have enough to last for at least 2 months. I also don’t do SnV mixes. I’m just not a believer in SnV mixes, nor am I that impatient.

Almost 19 months steeped and it’s stiil great…


I was wondering if when your done mixing and seal the bottle. Are there some that u never crack the seal at all for 30 days? I have to be honest that I haven’t tried that as of yet. Does cracking the bottle open before the 30 day mark make the juice taste different?


Just pulled this old thing out of the back of the steeping cabinet (thought I’d wash the bottle but might as well try it)… my old labels didn’t say the nic strength so it probably strong (and it’s pretty dark to boot).


Yes, there are some companies, like VapeWild, that sell juice and recommend steeping. They also have a selection of presteeped. Perhaps is a business model in which presteeped cost a bit more and the ones that require steeping can be sold cheaper due to handling and storage savings.