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The Recurve RDA from a dripping point of view


Like the rest of this review… this is just my opinion and what I think happened. The deck could have been a dud too, I haven’t had any issues with my 2nd build deck.
During my education, I’ve learned a fair bit about material strengths (just stuff that an airplane mechanic needs), but I would not call myself a metal specialist at all.

I haven’t seen any signs of arching or seen any reasons why 2 coils would really heat up the build deck so much that the wire sliced through as if it were butter. I would also not like to encourage others to try and replicate this issue… it’s too nice of an RDA to waste for a test :wink:


I have the same issue. It isn’t affecting performance though. From what I can tell, there is a weak point on the negative block where the screw goes a little further than the coil hole, so when you tighten the leg it can cause distortion. I may be wrong, but it makes sense to me lol!




Appreciate your sharing your experience as well.

This makes me sad though.
I hope they get this worked out, and make it right with the folks encountering this problem.


That would make a lot of sense, but it leaves me perplexed why they designed the negative post like that. Why would they drill out the screw hole so far, that extra space has no purpose at all.


My guess would be just sloppy machine work like we see all the time out of China.

I have put probably 8 to 10 builds in mine over the last 22 days or so trying to get it to do the same thing. I have used fussed Clapton’s, 2, 3 and 4 strand twisted and regular round wire using 24 and 26 gauge SS 316L wire and mine is showing no sign of doing this.

I would say that the possibility for there to be just a single run of however many they made on one particular day with the wrong settings for the depth the machine was set to cut.

My Recurve does not have a serial number on the bottom so no way to track this issue back to the date of machining.

I do not have the extra time right now to pull my current build but I will later tonight and post a picture of my build deck.

@Suomynona any signs of the other one you have doing this yet?

@AJ17 and @Suomynona just out of curiosity what color are yours that have done this? It should not matter but I am wondering if they did a run of all one color on a particular day that were machined wrong.

Mine is the black version and after 22 days of constant use now the only issue I have had is my cap started getting tight on the O-rings to the point it would not turn. I installed the spare set and working as it should again.

I wonder if this issue is being talked about any place other than ELR? I would hate to think this is going to be a common issue, I really like this RDA and I was planning on ordering a couple more.

@AJ17 I would contact Wotofo customer service like @Suomynona did and get a replacement deck sent to you.


Nothing on the other (blue one). It’s the black version that was the problem.
I don’t think the color has anything to do with it though, all the build decks are the same, no?

Also no sign yet of the replacement build deck that wotofo was supposedly going to send but maybe it’s coming from slowtech :slight_smile:

I’m back on fused claptons though, much harder to get that issue with wider coils.


I would not really think it would matter, just a thought I had in my head while I was typing.


Mine is the gunmetal. I’ll email Wotofo and see what they say. It isn’t affecting performance as far as I can tell. I only had 2 builds in it. The first was their supplied coils and then the 2nd was a tricore Ni80 alien (26x3/36)

I love this rda, despite this issue. Hopefully, Wotofo will sort it out.


Great review! Been thinking about this one and your review put it over the top, gonna order one today!



Thank you :slight_smile:
Even though I’ve had a little issue with one, I’m still using both on a daily basis. You won’t be disappointed!


Oh no, that’s not good…hmmm, maybe hold off on that order


There other one is still fine?


If you scroll a couple posts up, you’ll see what happened. It’s more aesthetics than anything else, both are in perfect working condition.
wvsanta tried his best to replicate the problem and he couldn’t, but it seems AJ17 has run into a similar “problem”.
And yes, only happened with 1 build deck, the other is fine.


Right on, thanks for the reply. On the mobile so not as easy to scroll through


From me:
From AJ17:


Oh, it is an issue with the casting process so not all will have that problem. Thanks


Very nicely done @Suomynona, and your extra time spent on the airflow was a good idea.


@wvsanta @Sprkslfly @AJ17 @mjag and everyone else who’s still reading.
I’m happy to report that the replacement build deck arrived in the mail today. It’s the first time I had to deal with Chinese customer support. Over the years, I’ve heard terrible stories about them (basically not caring about customers, only about sales) but I’m impressed over how “European” my interactions with Wotofo customer support were. Smooth, fast and easy with a focus on customer convenience.
It took some time to arrive. I had no tracking information so I can’t say whether that’s because of Wotofo, the shipping company or Belgium’s notoriously slow customs department. I fear it’s the latter…

In any case, production faults can happen, the mistake was corrected so I can’t fault the Recurve RDA any more.


I emailed Wotofo regarding my damaged deck and they are sending me a full replacement. As @Suomynona mentioned, their customer service is very impressive.

A happy Wotofo customer. :+1: