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I think the creator went to the trouble of requesting permission to repost from a few peopl he was familiar with: We got the go ahead from a few reviewers: /u/T_Mace, /u/ConcreteRiver, /u/ChemicalBurnVictim, /u/PerennialPhilospher, & /u/mlNikon. To copy their reviews over to the wiki and we began that process with T_Mace, PerennialPhilosopher, & mlNikons library of reviews

@MysticRose You are 1 of 5 people I actually have in my account who I follow… I think you made a serious impression on me quite early on.


Awwwww, thank you :blush:

I’m glad something I shared was able to help!

I am extremely thankful to the family that is ELR that has taught me most of what I know. That is what is important in the long run, that we all share whatever knowledge we have to help others stop smoking, NOT for recognition and to be part of the “in” crowd. At the end of the day, we are all just ex-smokers that have found a way to stop killing ourselves quite as fast :smiley:


It’s all about educational information dissemination and myth dispelling for me these days.

I thought I started with a Juul (promo gift from PAX at a Pride event I was volunteering for) to kick the habit. But instead I became interested in learning more about the longterm effects of what I was doing. After a few months a friend came over to my place and asked if I got rid of my cat- guess I wasn’t paying attention to the stench of analogs.

Took a year for me to progress to Innokin’s CoolFire IV 100TC. Lived with that one mod and tank for a year still fairly doing it all alone (1 buddy saw me through the 1st two weeks on the Juul while we enjoyed Maui, but other than that, I really had no support group)…

… then I found the community… as I began to think about getting a mod with 18650’s. More time passed and my little folly has turned into a hobby. I decided to explore it more with DIY. Today I have a half dozen mods, many tank/rda/rta’s and near 140 flavors to play with. I rewarded myself for stopping Marlboro 27’s on my 27th month of vaping with a Triade and it’s cousin the Prism. Those two triple battery mods get more use than any of my others.

I Vaped a Vet last month after he wanted to take a close look at my mod last Sept. I used that opportunity to have him commit to a quit date. Extended my vocabulary some to ensure the gear I was choosing for him would meet his needs and so far so good. Closed Pods didn’t take hold for him. The eliquid I made woke him up to all the impactful flavor he hadn’t yet experienced. He’s still on the iCare 2 but is near ready to crack open his Finder 75c and one of the MTL tanks I gave him… with batteries, a charger and the entire deck of cards. Vet’s and the LGBTQIA+ community have some of the highest smoking rates in the country. We need to ensure word reaches them effectively.

Another buddy is just packing to move home to GA in a few days. I’ve set him up with my starter gear. Glad it’s found a new home and all those coils bought in advance are set to purpose.

As the FDA stuff starts to gel in the minds of the masses… things like TheFlavorWiki might help us reach more people. I know many of us refuse to give up the dicetyls but my Vet insists things like that are not in the eliquid I make for him. I would hope the FDA uses it’s head and bans things like that before arbitrarily banning flavors. Makes no sense. Vanilla, menthol, nuts, and caramels have been used along with many other things in the 1,700 chemicals of analogs. It’s the variety of flavors which allows each person to find his own ADV satisfaction when transitioning- that’s why vaping’s success rate exceeds traditional NRT’s.

If TheFlavorWiki can do one thing for us, it can provide all the information we need to show others regarding flavorings. Let that one site bear the burden of inspection covering all the manufacturers specs and without any discourse on ancillary issues like battery safety, people under 18-21 years or cloud chasing (I’m not an expert at clouds and tricks, but I must say I do enjoy letting a 6 foot cloud be seen by my friends… no one complains and a few understand the pleasure I get from it).

Have a productive day. I’ve taken up far too much of your time already. Has a custard reached full bloom while you read this? Perhaps.



I don’t really understand why you’re so focussed on this flavorwiki though…
You’re trying to make such a hard case for it I almost have to believe you’re somehow involved with this site and try to get people going on it.

ELR is a tight and always growing community, we all love ELR, the people as well as all the resources this site provides and while it’s not perfect, it’s about the best we can currently get. In my opinion, people would be much more motivated to build on this platform, make this a better place where more information is easier available than to take everything somewhere else and lead people away from this great site.


You created a topic that tries to send people from ELR to another site… maybe people don’t like that enough to give you those likes?
Just drop a nice reply somewhere in a topic and you’ll get your likes, lots of people here are very generous with their likes but of course, to get to 10, it has to be a nice reply :smiley:
Same thing with topics or creating a thread… come up with something the community thinks is interesting, fun, cute, innovating or whatever and those likes will be coming in.

I’m sure with all your mixology expertise, you can come up with something that will earn you all those likes. Maybe post some of your recipes in threads like What ya vaping/mixing today


Just stumbled onto it this week and thought it curious that I didn’t see anything here about it. For one of my volunteer projects (I’m on LTD and do not work, on or off the books ever) I’ve beed tasked with updating a few Wikipedia pages (not related as far as I can tell except they both have use the term WikiMedia). I wouldn’t call keeping my eye on something and investigating it more for just over 1 day it overly focussed… I’ve also been making a few SFV testers and changed my linens in addition to catching up with a binge of Scandal and HTGAWM and Designated Survivor… this thread has taken all of about 45 minutes of my year.


That already exists on elr in each flavor page, including links to the msds sheets for each flavor. Some of the newer flavors are still getting data input

And the recipe site also is strictly related to flavorings and not cloud chasing or anything. Only the forums have additional topics.

I think the main failure of people participating in the flavor wiki is that its not user friendly. Most users don’t understand how to use the formatting, nor care to learn all the symbols and parenthesis etc.

The same thing already exists in the ELRecipes recipe side, and no special characters or formatting needed. I personally wouldn’t waste my time inputting all that information when I can just look it up and already start reading. The caveat to that is that a lot of people aren’t inputting their notes. But it is much faster to Ctrl A C and V to carry over already completed reviews than to have to rewrite them in code.


Slight derail but still on topic.

@MysticRose thank you for all you do with flavor notes (here and everywhere and everybody for that matter). Love ya lots (platonically of course. Not in an awkward way). :heart_eyes:


the flavors that include DAAP are a big part for many , personally id rather see bans on the naming of eliquids and illustration on bottles from the fda instead of attacking the great cream/ custard flavors that are left


That’s the definitive summary response I was looking for… Yeah or Nay and why. Thank you for the reply. The wiki can tend to itself.


@Ckemist Perhaps you might weigh in here and let us know why your website has chosen to include The Flavor Wiki link in the opening toolbar dropdown menu.

The creator has basically stepped away from it and it likely will become an orphan unless someone chooses to resurrect interest. What do you see from your perspective regarding it’s usefulness to people who visiting your page?

From reddit:
"Thank you for all the support guys, but without contributers I think the efforts are sort of going to the wayside. Me along many other people have put a great deal of effort into the site, but it seems as though there’s limited appeal to contribute information. Which probably goes into the fact that I never got down into the nitty gritty of simplifying the user interface for people adding content.

But anyways, assuming it continues to have no contributions I don’t see it lasting."


im really not trying to be rude and honestly i was wondering why the comments were what they are , but then i really looked at the flavor wiki and i think your really beating a dead horse that things is horrible and dont know why anyone who is a part of anything established like elr would spend any time on this Flavor wiki , sorry to say , however i do wonder why you @mrphilip are so determined or so interested in it ? im really curious , i can see a website like ckemist linking to it and i wonder if he linked to it in the begining of his website just to get more traffic. ( which wld be smart to kink everythi ng he was able to )? i could completely understand why he would but now that his site is up and successful he probably has no use to link the flavor wiki , anyway i honestly dont see why anyone would spend much time on that site while we have this and others have their places like DOD , Reddit, ATF etc sorry if i came across rude , i dont see much benefit


As a Group we have visualized this concept in various ways. If I could wave a magic wand and something like the Flavor Bible -> Flavor Wheel could be instantly available it might be the most valuable resource imaginable …if done correctly.

All the data is available, just not collated in an immediately visually-easy-to-grasp-and-apply Web format. I’m estimating about 10,000 hours. I can jump right on this and I’ll only charge you $150/hr which is a bargain! …because my imagined end result would be “Historically-Minds-Blown” for the e-Juice DIY Community.

Anyone mixing flavors of any kind, including actual Culinary applications, would be able to gain immediate traction, creatively speaking, when trying to clone something or make something new. Imagine being able to instantly know what flavors (Vendors too) work together (or against) and at what %? …it could happen, and it’s creators would Rule the Kingdom.

A simple Data dump isn’t going to cut it. The secret is Usability and Adoption and your stated desire will not deliver above what already exists, and what we all use, which is an extremely manual filtration of the existing raw data right here on ELR.

A full blown analysis of Flavor Additives …what they are alone, and how they may pair would be a lifetime achievement …Wiki? …sincere best of luck. It’s great to have an inspired idea, delivering the end product is Next Level and almost always requires Big$$. I’m here for ya tho Brofessor! Aim high! …I’m just keeping it :100: (+$/hr) Seriously tho, it is a good idea I think about all the time …and then choose to do something profitable instead.