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Tiramisu, from you trusted lot


Just now seeing this thread but that was my first recipe that came to mind ol’ BB’s SB Latte !

@Phil_Fish this recipe gets my vote for an outstanding take on what Tiramisu can do for a recipe !

@Beaufort_Batches hope you’re doing well man ! I still love this mix !


Thanks @Amy2, that is one of my staples. Here is another recipe where Tiramisu works well, I make this one often as well,


very odd this popped up again as iam :thinking: w/ lil bit of soho left…tira inw, cream fresh,caramel, throw her in there, mathematically of course, and see what happens in a few weeks


Hey forgot my own horn …toot toot ( jk)

haven’t made it in a while but totally love this mix !


Just wondering if anyone has tried FW’s Tiramisu? The info is pretty limited on the recipe side.


why is it called Booster (Tiramisu) (FA) instead of just tiramisu FA?
i am sure its a noob question but i am after all, a noob.
isn’t it just a tiramisu?
is it only to boost other tiramisus?

+2 cool points for real answer.
+1 for a funny one
-3 bro points for pointing out i am a noob. (already said i was)

thanks in advance


It is more like a cafe latte than a Tiramisu. I think they were shooting for the tiramisu and found once created it was more like a mug of latte so they renamed it.


Perhaps it is meant to be used as a flavour booster when making real Tiramisu?


Funny, i thought the same thing and still do every time i see it. Do they mean booster as in caffeine will give you a boost? I dunno. But @IzNoGoat guess makes sense to me. Id certainly like to hear an answer from the company though.


my first batch is still steeping.
off S&V the coco was dry. no cream or milk to it. cake part was fine.
day 2 and 3 coco mellowed out. when the next flavor sprung up it was a little coffee but some peanut butter maybe? i might be confusing that with the cream that should be in it… IDK
still has a week or so to sleep it off.
thanks for the replies tho.

oh, and cool points to @woftam, @IzNoGoat and @netweight.
thanks for your input so far!