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Tobacco Absolute is it useful for a beginner?


I never did try the MF TA. TA’s never really did float my boat, personally. I was more of a INW Dirty Neutral Base guy… and some of the other INW “Absolutes” (more like flavors) came in handy.


Hey everyone I have got Juice Factory’s SC Tobacco Absolute on the way …its funny the amount of times I have looked at their Tobacco section and never really noticed TA ,my next query is what % to use as a Single Flavour (I m keen to test it) or in a recipe? TIA I m still considering doing a PG N.E.T in future


One drop of TA in 10ml of your base mix is a good place to start. :wink:


Cool thanks man!So into the VG/PG base then …I usually do 70 VG /30 PG.It seems like NET will be the way forward in future though as a lot of Tobacco flavours are a bit too synthetic IMO.I do like Black for Pipe and Dark for Pipe but yeah not the same as real tobacco.


Yup… even with TA, the flavor (IMO) is no where near the taste of a good NET.

How tough is it to get your hands on pipe tobacco there in NZ? I tried looking for NZ tobacconists online… slim pickings! :confused:


Hey yeah I hav’nt looked into it yet ,they are usually pretty flavoured…Guess what though …I have ordered some Nicotina Rustica seeds ,will be a long term thing I guess but its early summer here so will try and get em going.Its actually cheaper to get whole leaf tobacco from the US as there are mad taxes between Australia and New Zealand.