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Tobacco Extraction Using Heated Ethanol


I think it be warming more than they should or not evaporated properly pga that is like having small clotted but the strange thing is that when one bat and disappear and everything is the same, but the flavor is excellent. if is not taste good but still be resting for testing. excellent you are doing what I expect to see your results to your hard work.
Excuse me for my bad english


I’m preparing for my second semester at NET U. Getting ready to try it again. My first attempt was less than thrilling, and while the aroma was good, the taste was rather flat.

I’m making some improvements in my process (hopefully).

The 1.5 micron filter paper should be arriving next week.

I have some PGA now. I bought some to make a Tobacco Absolute solution. The TA was a paste (Samara Rustica) and I needed the PGA to thin it out. So, I have a bunch of PGA left over, for my NET. Unfortunately, the only PGA available to me (Michigan) is the 151 PGA.

I tested my 3 stage slow cooker (High, Low, & Warm), with a kitchen thermometer, and on ‘Warm’ it stayed at a steady 150 degrees. So that’s what I intend on using.

This time, instead of just using old RYO tobacco, I’m going to visit my local tobacco store and select a couple of higher grade tobaccos. Brand & type to be determined.

So, I’m making what I consider to be 3 improvements in my process, PGA, better filtering, and better tobacco.

My question would be, is there a concern about the additional water in my PGA, vs the 190? There are no ingredients or percentages on the bottle, but I’m assuming the difference between the 151 & 190 is the amount of water in it. Will that cause problems, and if so, will some additional reduction time help evaporate the water?

I’m looking forward to Pro_Vapes evaluation, at the approaching end of the 30 day steep time.


I’m not sure if the water will evaporate. If so it would take much longer than PGA. From what I read water attracts more of the undesirables in tobacco… That’s why 190+ is recommended.

I wasn’t satisfied with with my initial attempt either. I used cheap tobacco anyway. Mine was weak and bland. I’m letting my second attempt soak in PGA for 45-60 days. I’m fairly certain I can clean it and I read of people doing this.


Well, I guess I’ll forge ahead with my 151 PGA at this point. The $20 investment in the PGA has already been made, and I’m sure as hell not going to drink that stuff…lol. I do know that the 151 didn’t seem to degrade my TA solution. That turned out delicious, as an additive to some mixes.

I think we knew, going in, that this wasn’t a project for the impatient. If it takes a couple of months of soaking, warming, & steeping, I’m ok with that.

Might have to do some research on molecular extraction :wink:


That is new to me… please post the details.


I don’t know the details. I read somewhere that Hangsen uses it to extract flavors from tobacco, that go into their tobacco flavors. I don’t remember where I read it, maybe ECF or Reddit? Possibly another forum.

There are lots of scientific papers and info I found, just doing a search. Reading them for a bit, I knew instantly that it was over my head.

I found a couple of youtube videos that I thought were interesting. The first one mentions the difference between a concentrate and an extract. He mentions that extract flavors break down at 400 degrees, and that makes them less than optimal, for baking. Concentrates are able to withstand the higher temps, and maintain better flavor. The concentrates still have the ‘gunk’ (waxes & oils?) in them. That gunk gives the flavor molecules something to bond with, which enables them to withstand the higher temps.

Is it possible that the temp of the coils is killing the flavors, in the finely filtered liquids? I know it’s apples & oranges (vaping vs baking), but it did make me wonder. Here’s the link for that video:

The 2nd video is from a guy making an herbal extract. He takes some tea, mixes it with some wine (I’m assuming for the alcohol) and puts it in a blender, and pulverizes the daylights out of it, then filters it. I wonder what that would do, for tobacco? Would it cut down some of the soaking time? Maybe put that blended mixture in the slow cooker bath? I’m not sure if it would even be safe, using PGA in a blender…lol.


Which one you using? Diesel was the only one I could find here. Couldn’t even locate a bottle of Everclear. Shop I went to said they had been pulled for some reason.

P.S. To all the contributors. This is a really cool thread!! Love seeing things like this on ELR.


Interesting, thanks for sharing! I’ve noticed that the tobacco flavours from my Chinese supplier (“proflavors” they’re called lol) leave a distinctly similar room note compared to my own heated PG extractions. That might account for their variety of tobacco flavours, as well. I suspect they’re using Hangsen flavours and pretending they’re their own… you know, China stuff. So it sounds legit to me that they’re actually extracting. That said, I never found their tobacco flavours to be as rich, complex and palatable as the ones I do myself.

The part about temperatures is intriguing, too. I noticed that my NETs taste best at 1.5 ohms and up - certainly it’s the temperature making the difference. However, it still has them waxes and oils and what-not, so I’m a bit puzzled on second thought… What’s your experience, do your NETs react favourably to sub-ohming? Sorry if I digress, maybe another thread would be good…


I’m using Everclear brand. I’m in Livonia, and I picked it up about a month or so ago, at a local liquor store for $20.

The smallest bottle they had, was a fifth, and I used 11.25 grams of it…lol. So, I have plenty left to soak my tobacco in.


I’m near Dearborn and nowhere seems to have Eveclear near me. I’ll keep looking. Until then I’ll see if Diesel affects the flavor. I’ll be interested either way to here your feedback on 151 vs 190.


I don’t use sub ohm equipment here. My battery is a MPV 20, so it wont even handle anything below 1 ohm.

My first attempt at NET extraction was some left over RYO tobacco, from my RYO days, soaked it in PG, in a slow cooker for 12 hrs. I did that 3 times. I only used coffee filters for the filtering (3 times as well). The aroma of the liquid was very encouraging, but I wasn’t impressed with the weak taste.

I tried it a 2nd time, and gave the tobacco a light toasting, in a toaster oven. I toasted it just a bit, 3 times. I watched it carefully, to keep it below the combustion point. I was hoping that might bring out more flavor, but the results were very similar to my first attempt.

I have to say, in the 4 months I’ve been off of cigarettes, NOTHING has driven me almost to the point of ‘lighting up’ again, as much as the aroma of that toasting process. I had to leave the room and wait for the aroma to dissipate…lol.

It’s encouraging to hear that you had such good results! I’d love to know what process you used.


I got mine at Buscemi’s, near Plymouth & Farmington Rds. Like I said previously, I already have the 151, so I might as well give it a whirl, and see what happens. I have to believe that the alcohol will do a better job of extraction, than just the PG I tried previously.

I’d like to try the blender idea, but the thought of a potential flammable liquid leak + electric motor = Everclear glass hand grenade has me a bit spooked.


Awe, come on. Take one for the team! :grin:


Where’s Myth Busters when you need them?

The more I think about it. Isn’t there a Don Q Rum that’s also 151? I’d have to think there are drink mixes that use that in a blender, and some of those folks are probably half tanked, doing it.


Bacardi makes a 151 too. Honestly shouldn’t be an issue as long as there’s not an open flame.


I have my 3rd NET attempt in the slow cooker. I picked up 2 pipe tobaccos today, at my local tobacco / vape store. One oz of Cavendish and one oz of Rum Maple. 20 g of each went into the blender (2 separate batches), and just enough PGA added to cover it. I beat the dickens out of both batches, in the blender, poured it into Ball jars, and put 'em into the slow cooker.

I took a different approach, with the blender. I’ve been a tobacco lover for a long time, and always treated my tobaccos with a certain amount of reverence and respect. This time, I beat the daylights out of it, in the blender. I might even lift the slow cooker lid once a day, and talk dirty to it.

‘Give me some flavor this time, you rotten little &*#$@**’

We’ll see how it responds.


Six days in the slow cooker. 12 hrs on, 12 hrs off.

Now on it’s way to the freezer. Or as Colonel Klink would say…‘a day in the cooler’. Filtered 3 times with a coffee filter.


The filtering process is completed. Three times with a coffee filter, and 3 times with a 1.5 micron filter.

It took 4 days for the Rum / Maple to gravity filter through the 1.5 micron filter. Sheesh.

For the final filtering, I came up with a vacuum filtering set up. I had a small compressor that hasn’t been used in years. Used to use it for bicycle tires. I disconnected the air output hose, and just left it open. Then took the little air filter off the air input, and attached a small air flow regulator, to adjust the amount of vacuum.

Rigged up the Buchner funnel and the vacuum line to a Ball canning jar lid. I only opened the flow control to about 25% for the test run, and had the Rum / Maple done in 10 minutes…lol.

The vacuum filtering contraption is in the very rough / beta stage, but at least I know it works very well. If this batch shows promise, I’ll clean up & refine the filtering set up.

This batch is a dark red. Really really dark red. I’m going to just let it sit, and give it some air occasionally. I can’t smell the PGA any longer, but hopefully the air, and steeping will let any leftover PGA evaporate. I’ll keep an eye on the levels, and add some PG to keep them at present levels, if necessary.

I’d like to do a nicotine test on this batch, at some point in the near future. I just want to know. I beat the dickens out of the tobacco / PGA in the blender, and cooked it at about 150 deg 12 hrs on & 12 off, for 6 days.

I’m curious to see what my somewhat aggressive extraction methods, did as far as nicotine content.


I couldn’t resist a taste of the Cavendish. I know…I’m weak.

I’m going to temper my enthusiasm, but much more flavor than my previous two attempts, with RYO tobacco soaked in PG. I need to leave these in hibernation for a while.

Haven’t had a chance to test the nic level yet, but I swear I had a pretty good nicotine head rush going on, after a few vapes.


My third attempt at NET…

I did a 12 heated pga extraction

After a 60 day PGA soak, I’m onto the second stage… filter though coffee filters and a couple days in the freezer…