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Toothpaste that can prevent Vapor's Tongue / Vapor's Fatigue ?!


I use a CPAP and tried this stuff, due to the ungodly dry mouth I always have in the AM. My tongue broke out in a rash of canker sores. Never. Again!


I’ve been lucky enough to have never experienced flavor fatigue, but I also stay EXTREMELY well hydrated-Drink about a pot of black coffee in the AM and then swap over to water for the rest of the day. Between my caffeine intake and the meds I take for my neck, I try to ensure that my system can flush all the crap out. When doing my tooth routine, I regularly use a tongue scraper and brush it after. As a final step towards battling the dreaded dead tongue, I always try to keep at least two tanks of wildly different juice profiles on hand at all times.


I had been using that toothpaste for quite a while, and didn’t notice any flavor fatigue until I stopped using it. Ordered more, and all fatigue went away.


Damn. Sorry to hear that! :hushed:


That’s awful. I know you said you’ve tried the Biotene with pretty bad results (canker sores), but if you can’t quite do that I found something that works really well. My mouth can get sensitive to the liquid, so instead of using spray and the rinse, I will switch to lozenges every other week. I know it’s a little pricey, but they work really well for me, and may be gentle enough for your mouth as well. I didn’t order online, just found at local drugstore.


If that’s a total no-go, or you’ve tried it already, plain Aloe Vera will help dry mouth tremendously, and fend off canker sores as well. You don’t even have to ingest, just a rinse and spit works too.


Good to know! I’ll give these a try next time I hit the pharmacy-Thanks!


Are you talking the juice or straight aloe? I used to use aloe vera juice when I had some pretty nasty medication-induced dyspepsia, but since getting off of the pills that caused it I stopped using the aloe juice(I used George’s Aloe Vera Liquid-2 oz in an 8 oz glass of water)


You can actually do this several ways. Most major drugstores, as well as Walmart carry those large jugs of Aloe Vera (inner gel fillet) which you can use different ways. You can use it straight to rinse with (30-90 seconds) or dilute with water and use as a rinse. You can also just use a square of guaze, and apply to the gauze until saturated and gently wipe the inside of your mouth, inner cheeks, and let that sit for about 5 min. and then just rinse out (rinsing isn’t necessary, only if you want). You can also find Aloe Vera juice bottles, I know Aldi and Lidl carry them, you just have to get one that is more than 20% juice to really be effective. I know some of them have so many fillers like grape juice that leave very little Aloe actually in the drink itself, but they work good too.


I was reading this thread and stopped to think about how important the olfactory is to taste. Has anyone tried a Neti Pot to degunk that system when their taste sense is muted?


Interesting idea…I was just thinking about getting one of those, as nothing seems to be helping my allergies this year. I’ve taken damn near every pharmaceutical for allergies, and get either ZERO relief or my sinuses turn to what feels like concrete in the middle of my head. About the only thing that works is Benadryl, but the years of diphenhydramine are getting my brains scrambled. Sneezes and severe neck injuries don’t work well together-Does the Neti Pot help?

EDIT: Sorry for the potential derail, if I need to move this off-topic I shall.


I’m no professional, but a warm saline flush/rinse of your sinus cavity shouldn’t hurt to try. I’d investigate proper sources before use, though.


Oh, please share :grinning: