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Using TFA/TPA Concentrates and has no flavor


Where do I click on the flavor to see what the average is?


I would side with @fidalgo_vapes and say your flavors are more the kind used in recipes, not as standalones.
Try adding all these flavors to your stash and click on the button “What can I make?”


quick question is the New york cheesecake Capellas or is it TPA cheesecake


Ok. The wholesaler guy told me to use each one as a standalone so I can see what each one tastes like before combining them.


on e-liquid-recipes.com, click on a recipe, e.g.
Then click on one of the blue links that represent the flavors


yes that a great idea but for tpa id start at 5 percent and work my way up or down depending how it taste to you




lol ty im actually vaping that right now


If you’re on the recipe side, on top you also see a User button…
click on it to expand the menu, you’ll have a whole set of options with regards to flavors, your stash, your recipes, preferences etc



well thank goodness for that


Once you add flavors to your stash you can also check aloe others to see my stash and then you be able to share a link to your public stash


I need to update my list…


i think you have enough flavors to put together a few descent recipes with 2 to 4 flavors i would suggest grabbing some sweetener if your use to commercial juice until you have mixed for awhile and know what flavors will give your mix some sweetness , a lot of people are use to sucralose in their juices because the commercial juices have so much in them

french vanilla at 1

this might get you a descent fruit cereal vape , i havent used the TPA fruit circles in awhile but the plain one was my go to when i first started mixing

Disclaimer: this recipe is not guaranteed to be good , but i believe it will at least give you an idea of how things are combined to create a finished eliquid lol


I thought that that might of had the @fidalgo_vapes seal of approval and quarantined to be awesome


lmao nope not at all but it should be vapeable after a couple days to a week lol


LNW concentrates unfortunately need mixed at higher percentages and 15% is not too high in many of their concentrates. I really enjoy their Nectar of the Gods concentrate and I have to push it to 20% to get the most out of it. Basically their concentrates are like one shots I think.


So now im confused is the OP using TPA concentrates or LNW ???


Yea I was confused too but I answered him on a PM.


lol so are they LNW or TPA


I don’t kno I see they sell tpa. But if their tpa requires a much higher % than other vendors tpa… can’t help wonder if they are diluted