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Using Water and Vodka as a base (Instead of PG)


It is when you think of the alternative.

I don’t want PG.

I don’t want to handle or worry about 100ML Nicotine killing my dog or my grand children.

This is how I do it, it’s a smooth as silk vape. There’s no PG and there’s no residual alcohol left in it. No burning lung, no coughing. Low nicotine, no passing out.


I have some Smirnoff Black Label vodka.

Is that good enough or should I invest in anything better?
I’m a complete noob when it comes to alcohol :blush:


Thanks for making this Q&A public! I’m absolutely going to try this. With Absolute. :smirk:

Have you or anyone else who uses this, ever had an issue with slower wicking or with spitting and popping?

PS…I’ve got Rumplemintz in the freezer and it doesn’t freeze either but if anyone tries to put it in their car I will murder them.


I use little airline bottles of Grey Goose, Absolut… Stoli is ok.

Smirnoff… I don’t know about that Black Label but the regular Smirnoff is kind of a low grade Vodka in my memory bank.


This base after you put the flavors in steams like an animal. It’s never clogged, spit, popped ever. My kids and sister vape my stuff like crazy and always want more.


Thanks a ton! I’m really drawn to the idea of lowering the PG and also getting a silky smooth texture I’ve heard so much about.


I know, I was actually just being a smartass. I’m told that I’m pretty good at that. :wink:


If this doesn’t work for you… I’ll eat my dirty socks. It took me 6 months of failing at mixing to get this right. The day my first bottle from this stuff was steeped I filled up a tank of Unicorn Milk with a .5 Coil on 30 watts, took a big hit in my lungs and said to myself… “Holy shit, I did it!, I love me!”




What is the advantage of this over simply eliminating the PG and not using anything in it’s place? I don’t add additional PG to my mixes at all. Only the amount that is found in the flavor concentrates.


I won’t be able to mix until later this week but I’m looking forward to trying this. My lungs occasionally feel a little raw but I was thinking it might be too much menthol. The other thing is I do have a slight PG sensitivity to where vaping 50/50 all day will give me flu like symptoms. So far 65/35 seems fine but it might be a part of why my lungs occasionally feel icky. I do loooveee my menthol. :grin:


The booze helps break down the VG and helps bond the flavors, seriously decreases the steep time. The distilled water is sterile and thins thick VG. VG by itself snaps, crackles and pops in tanks. It’s too thick. That water also makes the vape very smooth in lungs.


Once in a while, someone will come on the site from overseas telling us he can only get a certain kind of 50/50 PG VG liquid in the country where he is and tells us it’s so harsh it’s killing him. I always tell those people to put 4% distilled water in it and shake it like crazy. It works… water smooths out a harsh throat hit.


This, and thanks for saying it though I’m surprised you need to. Vaping already has enough problems.with semantics.


@Amy2 Can you read this thread? :slight_smile:


Thanks! I have not had any issue with Max VG but the steep time is definitley long. I am going to try your way and see if I can tell a difference side by side.


I have to tell you respectfully I’ve been mixing this base for over 2 years, I’ve never shared this method exactly for the reason of what you just did, which is criticize me for communicating the way I communicate.

I use PG as an antifreeze in my water lines in my camper in the winter. To me, PG is antifreeze. It is a food safe anti-freeze. The bottles are of it are also labeled as such.

There are people that cannot vape because of PG. I’ve been asked by more than 4 people to share this information. I did.


It cost a $2.00 airline bottle of expensive vodka and $1.00 bottle of purified or distilled water to see if it works for you :slight_smile:


I just wanna know how you got your nicotine to turn pink, I kinda like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree,

When the substance, in this case PG, is used to prevent freezing, it is in every practical sense, anti-freeze. Especially when it’s labeled as such. The reason a lot of people freak out about calling PG anti freeze is because of the mainstream media getting hysterical that we’re inhaling anti-freeze.

I’m so grateful for this info @Maureeenie. Please don’t let anyone splitting hairs make you second guess yourself. :heart:


Please know In no way, shape or form am I criticizing the formula for mixing your base, the way of communicating, nor the motives for doing so.

The blanket statement “PG is anti freeze” is however, misleading at best, for reasons already mentioned. I can go on with numerous citations, links but I’ll just leave it there.