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Uwell Nunchaku Starter Kit Review by José


Thank you. Great review :+1:


Thanks for reading Eddie and you too @Burga.


love , love , love this review ty , ive been eyeing this thing since it came out , i even asked @mjag if he was going to review it … ty for this review maybe after i move AGAIN ( second time in 3 months ) ill get back to buying things lol


Ah bro, I feel your pain. I once moved 16 times in less than 2 years :tired_face:
I sure hope you’ll be able to settle down and enjoy some new gear.
And thanks for reading. :+1:


ty and yes , i signed a year lease with an option for a second , the second year will only be needed if we cant buy after the first year after two years ill buy for sure so at least we will be good at one place for a min of a year. or two… after that i am buying again lol


Nice Review, thanks Jose :smiley:


Brilliant job! Thanks so much for doing this. It’s been on my wish list since the moment I saw it. :grinning:


Thank you, my pleasure :grin:

Thanks girl, it is a nice device to have.


The first time I see a review in this form) I really liked it. All information is clearly set out. And most importantly, I read it with a smile on my face and I had only positive emotions! Thank you!:+1::grin:


Thank you!!
I tend to get bored with reviews pretty quickly so I try to lighten them up :sun_with_face:


Good job!:+1:


@Josephine_van_Rijn That was a shit ton of good info there. I liked how they packaged it, nice to see that they care how it arrives to you. Nice looking, and great review of it.


Awesome review Jose! Like you, I wish it could handle a 21700. I’d be all over it.


Thanks man, yeah, it was definitely well packed and it works too :grin:

Thank you too, and yeah, sigh, but it is still awesome on an 18650. Especially if your ohms are not too low.


Here I thought my reviews are too much text and pictures, girl you win the award this year lol.

Great review, very entertaining to be quite honest. I know I’m late again, but I swear next time I’m in europe, I make it up too ya…:wink:


Thank you very much.


Keep them coming as they are, there’s nothing wrong with your reviews.

Don’t they call that fashionably late? :laughing:


Good review Jose!! I think it’s great you are doing these now!! I have to say, unless I am gunning for a particular piece of tech, I avoid reading reviews. Call it ADHD or impatience, I just never sit long enough to read through them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yours however, I read just to read. Very entertaining lil lady :kissing_heart:


Thank you stranger, nice to see you around :kissing_heart:
It seems we are suffering from the same affliction, that’s why I write them like that :laughing:


Great review! I trotted right off and bought one - I use those Smok Stik thingies exclusively, and am hoping this one tastes as good as you said :slight_smile: Sorta new even after a year to all of this, and I’m hunting great taste.


Thanks and I’m sure you’ll like this one, way better than Smok :laughing: