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Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA review by Mjag....The single coil RTA to beat?


I have been vaping on an EHPRO Bachelor X tank for about a week. I think I like it just as much as the Kylin Mini. Air flow might be a tiny bit more restricted and great flavor. Something to check into if you like single coil tanks but shhhhh!


Very cool! I’ve been seeing mention of that here and there lately.


Good to hear, just got that tank in a little while ago but have a head cold, only vaping menthol right now…lol


Hope you feel better soon, that tank needs your review skills :smile:


Thanks bud!


@Jim22 & @mjag

I’m awful, I know, but am feeling the compulsion to add an “honorable mention”. The Hotcig Centaur is no dog although an “under-dog”. Oh my, off we go again!


That one was on the radar, your a sneaky Ogre, subliminal single coil advertising…lol


That I am. All part of Ogre DNA.


So… Now that you’ve had additional time (and options added to the list…
How would you rate this against say:

  • the Recurve
  • Loop
  • or any other major single coil devices I may’ve forgotten to mention that have been released since the Kylin Mini?


I have a crius II and I prefer the serpent SMM. Better flavour for my builds.

The crius is pretty good though.


Was looking at ordering one last nite but didn’t. And then this review popped up in my feed. It must be a sign hahaha :thinking:


Never got a recurve so can’t comment on that. The Loop is a dual coil so not sure if a fair comparison. I did get the Ammit 25 based on @SmilingOgre recommendation and it is pretty damn good. The Crius II is pretty good but I would say a notch below the other 2 and the propriety screw is dumb as rocks, lose the included screwdriver and your SOL.

Almost forgot about the Ehpro Bachelor X, that is a good single coil tank. I would say between the Kylin mini, Ammit 25 and Bachelor X the Ammit might be tops for me as it is the easiest to wick. If you get the wicking right the Kylin may be the most flavorful but there is a thin line between right and wrong with that tank. The Bachelor X falls in between, easier to wick than the Kylin but not the Ammit. Flavor is on par with the Ammit but wicked right the Kylin has a slight edge.