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Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Review by Amber


FYI, I just realized one of my 2 Pulse 80w boxes has an issue with the 510. It will not make contact with my Athena, Recurve or Dead Rabbit SQ RDAs. All 3 RDA work fine on the black carbon version but not the red lava version for some reason. I just sent an email to the vendor to see if they will swap it out for me or if I am going to have to deal with VV warranty. Only good news in this story is that both the vendor and VV warranty are located in the same town about 20 miles from me.


I would definitely contact Vandy Vape on that as well. Just to let em know at least. I do know when I try and use something high in resistance, that accuracy is off slightly. Something 0.83 would be like 0.87 on there (no temp change).


Thanks for the great review.


I was wondering what the material was made of, thank you for pointing that out and providing so much great info. Informative and entertaining review as always!


Great review, easy to read and quite educational. Thanks!


I also have a that problem. Not sure if the BF pin really has a spring loaded pin. If I want to use any atty that has a beauty ring, I have to dig it out with a screwdriver after using an atty that doesn’t have a beauty ring.
The attys I use without a beauty ring are the Wotofo Recurve and the Pulse 22. The 2 attys with a beauty ring (and must have it in order to tighten it down or remove it easily) are the Psyclone Entheon.
I have tried pushing the BF pin down and it seems to be fixed since it doesn’t move at all.


new pulse x firmware for pulse 80 - http://www.vandyvape.com/support/software/144.html