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Vape Mail 2017!



Oh Yes You Did


Starting down the Purilum trail. Plus a few others to help with my seasonal recipes. My first order from @Nicotine_River and I was not disappointed. Great packaging and fast shipping. I expected it to take a lot longer from CA to NC.:+1:t2::+1:t2: I will definitely be ordering from them again.


My first installment on mixing. The scale beat the veg and flavors to my house.

Not good at rotating pics on my iPad. Sorry


Nic Riv is a great company and so are the Purilim flavors I’ve tried so far.


pear there is pear in mother milk , there was a long debate awhile back if i remember right it was that suicide bunny had a wholesale account with capella and the MM was only 4 flaves anyway that was a couple. years ago so i may be wrong


That would be great to nail that recipe down some day. When I first vaped it after not having it so long, I tasted coconut for sure. I was surprised because I never tasted that when I vaped it in the past and I vaped it for almost a year daily. My vaping days were so boring compared to now lol…i only had two ADVs all that time


I did indeed won those flavors thx to @ecigexpress :wink:
So did a test altough i did not order any eliquid that contained nicotine in it.
Else i even would risk loosing the whole shipment.


looks amazing even :wink:


First time using @ecigexpress. Will definitely use them again.


@NChris Looks good. I’m actually having issues trying to FIND the FA Butter.


Sounds like you better hit up Ecig Express.


Hehe, filling up my cart there now !!!


Let’s get this thing on !!! Been looking everywhere for the fabled FA Butta, and now it will be mine. As WELL as the (finally) Sweet Rice (FE) so I can finally make the recipe @Leilani published a bit ago.


@nchris Yeah, I MIGHT have a problem. These are just the ones I had handy …


Hell yeah!
On a side note, you keep all your boxes too?


Those are still in the plastic!


Hehe who told ???

Yeah, I tend to wear out my grubbies a lot, and have been known to abuse my o-rings from time to time, so with soo many different versions, my older “Throw all that crap in one ziplock bag” became, ummm, frustrating, hehe.


@Cutlass92 Dooooood, there’s even MORE in the back. Man, these meds are NOT working !!!


Give me one sec…I’ve got a box collage.