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Vape Mail 2017!


Me likey !!!


Titan is awesome the lego block deck is great - easy to build on and is actually 28ml plus 2 ml (ish) in the wicks - it is a beast finding a mod it will fit on can be a challenge though


He can configure them in different ways too. Great guy to work with. Drop him a line if you get interested.


@woftam was it you who had tried the Titan on the Hammer of God and said it almost went into orbit ?
Something about seeing all those little padlock icons !!! :slight_smile:


I appreciate that @NChris


No i have had no issues with it but man they hit hard. I would really like to see a series deck for the plus would be awesome for them to come out with one. I send them an email asking if it was ever a possibility and never heard back.

I know bogan didnt like all the padlocks and he put one on the hog


OH! Awesome @SessionDrummer! I hope you like it. Let me know how that FA Butter is…what is the word on it? Better than Golden Butter…?


Man, those Titan’s just look stoopid good. I’m going to have to get one.


Hating that it took me soo long to get to it, but I didn’t forget about it !!!
I’m ordering now, and have used quite a bit of CAP Golden Butter, so I’ll be able to directly compare, and see if it’s everything that @VapeyMama says it is. :blush:


The Titan on a White rose with some BIG coils at 11v…sounds like my kinda party!


@Cutlass92 Hehe, good pic brother …


If I’m not mistaken, Hammer of God is a mech right ? If so, I could blow myself up, you know, for science and stuff…


Correct, it is a mech with a 510 with dual series batteries so 8.4 v of goodness


Instantly. And by miles. :+1: :+1:


@Sprkslfly, I hate to be that guy, but do we know how many pounds of diks they cram into a bottle of that liquid gold ? I heard rumors it is roughly 90% diks, 8% secret butter sauce, and 2% love.


Fixed it for you. :wink:

OH! And no. I’m not even touching that you baiting bastard! ROFLMAO :wink:


You would know how many pounds of diks would fit, right big boy!


They actually make one with a dna chipset now!


Well crap, maybe I WON’T blow myself up after all. I have specifically been avoiding mechs for that reason hehe.