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Vape Mail 2018


Ur good for the rest of the winter so it seems :+1::+1:


Looks like somebody had some extra cash to burn.


Finally found some time to try out my Dead Rabbit that came earlier this week. Pretty nice little RDA so far… really nice flavor with it. Gotta try it out on a squonker soon.


My new toy … testing it out now


That looks very cool!!
Cost? Link? Dual color or multi-color?
(Thanks for posting!)


I like it better than sucralose. It doesn’t gunk my coils as bad as sucralose does. Also, sucralose sometimes comes off very artificial, where as Stevia seems more natural, to me at least. I think Stevia can work in most mixes, but sucralose really only works for me in fruit heavy mixes.


So far I’m liking it.

Color is very good so far.

But still in the review process


Ya might want to look at this thread…



A bit of flavours n’ stuff … and unlike my last flavour order they are all reorders :smirk:



My order from

Just arrived


an assortment of flavors, a replacement for my little scale (it kept turning off after 30 seconds, so i bought the one that have power cord), batterys (i ordered 6 and got 7, they said it’s a bonus. what am i going to use that other one for?)

oh, and 5 liters of vg.


Super interesting! The audio and vape! Tell us more!!! Start a whole thread! Show us some results. Screenshots of that scope


Viva l’italia
Diketones sweet sweet diketones ! My Flavour Art ordered arrived safe and sound!


This finally arrived:


I have really been looking forward to trying it, everything about it just seem so … right to me :star_struck:, almost like I had designed it myself.


Real interested in that one as it was designed by a vet. There was something that worried me about it but I can’t remember what, lol. If you think of it, please post your thoughts. Sharp looking BTW.


Perhaps the upside down clamps with two screws for each clamp? I know some don’t like that.
Anyway I just finished building it without any problems or hassle, and so far it hasn’t disappointed me. I’m still breaking in the rayon, so a bit to early to judge how good the flavour is.


I’m gonna go re-watch a review and see. But it sounds good so far!!!


I remember now. It’s a dual coil atty. Not that serious. I just prefer single a little. If you give it go on flavor, I think I’ll take the plunge.


I love my Bravo, use it every day. One of my favorites :slight_smile: