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Vape Mail 2018


Thank you again @ecigexpress for the sale on 15ml glass bottles!

UPS was kind enough to deliver it next door… :roll_eyes: fortunately though, we have good neighbors.


Well we know you just stocked up, but we are currently putting together a pretty killer bottle sale lol! Glad you have good neighbors and were able to receive those 15mls!


Perfect through airport security, “but it has a battery, it needs to be in cabin luggage”


good i need some of those amber 30ml pet with red cap so ill wait and see ty


I couldn’t pass up on the 50% off sale at ECX, so I got some of the clearance ones that I have not tried, and a few Cappella’s, that I was either restocking or wanted to try , the caramel was because I have just about every caramel except Cappella’s, and I figured why not for the lotus MF , with the jungle it was just too cheap to pass up Hopefully I can find a good use for these, I already know I love FLV lime so that was a no brainier, the rest I’ll give a go at some time soon


oops forgot to add the picture


Ohhh. Let me know how the orange inw is. I have orange shisha inw and I like it a lot but have wondered about just plain orange.


Back of the hand and smell test pass, i think I will try this around 1- 1.5% solo and go from there, mostly for back up to other thin oranges


Thks again @Everzonvapewholesale for the giveaway.


Congrats bud! :thumbsup:


Thks bud, well, we shall see tho, if i can get the barrel off and noticed they gave me 2 of the dual coil air clamps and no single coil!bahh


Nice score @worm1


@nicomanteno Super haul you got there. Where do you get your JF from ?? That’s a mighty big jug o cocoa you got there, I’m assuming that’s a keeper ? How is it on your coils ?


Isn’t that the Innokin CoolFire II?


damn where was i at !!!, didn’t know ECX HAD 50% off sell , oh well, my luck, get em next time !!


I got that from ECX they have 50% off on their clearance stuff, I have tried a few of the jungle flavors and most are pretty decent, and I think the little jugs 120 ml were super cheap less than $7.50 if I can remember, and I needed to get over the 59.00 free shipping, so I went with them I am always up to try new stuff, and the only coconut I can handle is Fa and FLV , I will see how the cocoa is haven’t opened it yet, the apple is more of a red apple on the initial smell and taste, I will post some more notes on them once I get the chance to mix with them some more.


As far as I know it might still be active, just on there clearance stuff though, the code was FLAVORHUNTER50


It’s still going (as far as I can tell)…

You will probably want to track this thread:

They have Friday specials, and some truly amazing sales on clearance stuff every so often! (It’s where I got the bottles above)


Oh yeah… my nic river Independence Day order arrived today I’m so stoked… gonna try my hand at a PBJ vape :dash:


nice haul , very good nicotine